Terres des Légendes

Diary of Sariel, April 2, 993

I did not realize how prophetic my words would be. We met once again the black dragon; and impossibly it seemed bigger, more dangerous than last time. Perhpas it was enraged by the little damage we had done to it?

What an incredible opponent that dragon was, yes was. We defeated the dragon, Helgyraka. I assume that was the dragon’s name as that was the name the Kobold were chanting as they encouraged the dragon to kill us.

I still do not know how we survived. But I do know we could not have done it without the courage or is it the folly of Dravis and the Lépreux. It was always an impossible task to kill Helgyraka. As soon as we would get close enough to inflict any damage, it would fly away and we could never follow. So this time Dravis jumped on the dragon to keep it from flying away. Suicidal, yes. Courageous, yes. Crazy??? I would say yes. But it worked. It almost didn’t though. When the Lépreux saw the success that jumping on the dragon accomplished, the Lépreux joined Dravis, and even managed to stay on when the dragon succeeded in unseating Dravis. Of course, Dravis immediately tried to jump back on despite his actual brush with death.

I knew Dakan was thinking the same thing as we say this to each other often. Are the humans incredibly brave or incredibly stupid. I guess the answer is they are stupidly brave and I would not have them any other way.

My elation at killing the dragon, however was tempered by our slaughter of the Kobold. We did not have any choice as it was self defence. While I never saw them directly, I knew the camp of Kobold that attacked us included non fighting Kobold even babies. Luckily they managed to flee before we were attacked. I cannot imagine what we would have done if after killing the soldiers we had to deal with their distraught kin and children.

My powers are also growing. I wish my master was here so that he could be proud of my accomplishments.


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