Terres des Légendes

Diary of Sariel, March 8, 993 A.S.

I have been spending too much time with humans. Finally I feel clean and warm again and really appreciate the soft bed of the inn. Goriel would be disappointed in me and think me weak. But the cold clammy marshes we were walking in, the murky waters seeping into our boots, and the skeletal hands trying to grab us as we made our way to drag us to our deaths….I feared that I would never know heat or feel fire again.

Balin is dead, killed by the traitor Vermal. His poor wife. She may never learn he is dead and believe she has been abandoned by him. If I knew where she is, I could send a message. I must find a way; it is the least I can do for our fellow compatriot.

I have misjudged Dravis. All along I thought of him as simply a spy. However he has shown his courage and his loyalty. When the deception of Béorn and Vermal was revealed to us, Dravis’ only concern was warning the Baron Aldred.

I also sense a change in Verruckt. His main purpose is still seeking gold, but he appears to be shaken by this treachery. His magic is also more focussed. He jokes that his luck has changed, but I wonder.

Dakan is perplexed by the urgent need of Dravis and Verruckt to warn the Baron Aldred. We had barely recovered from our fights with the ghostly elves and the skeletons that the humans were urging us on to warn the Baron’s man. I was more surprised by Verruckt as there is no gold in doing this. Humans are such short-lived creatures so everything is urgent for them, but this suits my purpose for now so I am going along.

I noticed also that Dakan has adopted the habit recently of charging into battle, rather than fight behind the brawler. It will be curious to see how long this will last. Despite his age, Dakan’s armour and strength are a match for the younger and bigger humans. I sometimes wonder if it is only in the frenzy of battle he does not hear the voices of his ancestors.


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