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My greatest battle ever (by Oz, the Faery Dragon)

My greatest battle ever (by Oz)

I told Boss about the Linnorm in the dwarves ruins. Don’t think he liked the idea of going there.
I told Boss about the naked lov..eur Dryads… Don’t think he likes the idea of going there either.
Gotta find something Boss will like… Gotta think! Gotta think!


On the river, Boss asked me to investigate the boat. I went to see and reported back nothing there. Nobody… Nothing to eat… Kind of weird that the boat was not moving considering the river moves. No fish either! Boss said to keep moving… So we kept moving!

[…more time passed]

We see another boat thingy… Boss wanted to go see the nice lady, but the lady in the water ended up being this humongous fish. Miam! But the large fishy was bad… Boss said not to try and eat it! Seems like it’s got some poison thingy and it touched my boss and his lady friend; as well as his brother. The boss and his family looked by a trio of delectable entrées to a main course. Oh man! What I would do to take a bite out of Boss … He looks sooo….delectable…delicious! My mouth waters just at the thought…. No! He’s my boss! My friend now… Maybe just a lick..later!

[…and more time passed]

This place looks kinda familiar…. Ah ha! YES! This is were I lost it. They took it from me. I know what I can do for Boss. My precious stone! They took it and I think Boss could help me get it back. Boss will see how nice my bestest stone ever is. I’m sure he’ll really love it! I’m sure if I tell boss about it, he’ll help!

Oh grand joy! Boss and his friends agree to help me find my most beautiful stone ever. It’s only like a day away… Not too far! The nasty ones that took it are not that many. You guys can easily deal with them… No problems! They’re not far, I swear!

[…at the creature’s supposed camp]

I swear they’re supposed to be here…. They’re usually right here, but they’re not now! I know this other place where they can be… We can go tomorrow! It’s not far…. Not far at all! We can sleep here and go tomorrow….

[…while the group is sleeping]

Dragonsshittle…. I think Boss isn’t too happy the creatures not here. I’ll go check for them! Show Boss I can get things done too. I’ll go check! They won’t miss me and everything’s going to be good in the morning. I’ll be able to tell ‘em where they are. After all, Boss always sends me scouting and checking for him! I’m sure it will be all fine!

[… and Oz flies off while everyone else sleeps]

[… a couple of hours into the night.. more time passes… During someone’s watch]

Wake up guys, wake up! I found them for you! They’re coming…

I did good! Not only did I find ‘em, I brought them to Boss! Now he won’t have to go looking for them. Now they just need to help me get it back… My precious stone! Like I thought, Boss’ family friends can take care of them. Good thing I was there through to slow bad dudes with my grease magic! Give my friends some time! HA! Take that…. Mess with Oz will you? Not anymore! Oz has friends now!

But woahh! Boss’ in trouble. The big bad dude on the flyer is like too close to my boss. And there’s another big bag dude in front of Boss. Time to work my magic! Flying bad dude… trajectory north by est-west… steady.. aim for the saddle thingy. Bouyyaaa! Right on it! See if the big bad dude flyer can hang on all greased up! Hehehe. And as calculated, he drops from like 300 feet and lands directly on the other big bad dude that was about to cut up my poor master. Double wammy! Damb I’m good! I don’t know what master and his friends would do without me. The Great Oz saves the day again!

Found my precious smooth stylish stone. See boss how great the stone looks! No one’s stealing this little baby from me anymore…. [Oz swallows the stone]

Boss looks a little confused…. probably shaken up from the epic battle! I’m sure he’s happy to see I got my stone back and I helped save the day and everything!


Ha! Couldn’t have written it better myself. You captured the essence of Oz perfectly… :)

Korut_Zelva dberthelotte

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