Terres des Légendes

Nosson's triumph

As the thunderous applause resounds in the theather, a red-faced Gorki leaves the scene quietly, seething, followed by his cronies. Sengod the Enchanter remains in his seat, alone, pensive. Down below, in the very first row, Ward and Minax are clapping their hands as the actors do a final bow. Ward leans to Minax and address her in the language of her homeland: «The desperate man will always have the deeper pockets! He might show himself more reasonable now.» At this thought, Minax half-smiles, mischievously.

«A little help here!».

Backstage the group find Dravis holding down Takander and a dragonborn face first on the ground. The last «fake» bodyguard managed to flee but at least Dravis managed to keep the most important prisoners from escaping. Hélérinna informs you that the bodyguards were a present from a conserned admirer identifying himself in his letters to her as «Kreab». «Kreab?» say Brocc thinking a moment, rearranging the letters in his mind. «Baker’s work no doubt, Gorki’s right hand man.»

It was later revealed that the real Fustian had been killed about month ago and the changeling assuming his persona to get into Nosson’s play. «Fustian was a career actor, I should have suspected something was afoot when he had trouble learning his lines… having stage fright was unlike him too…» reflects Nosson.

The play was a success. The only blemish was the the action in the final battle was judged by the audience as confused and overly violent but Nosson «fixed» this for the following representations. Some of the backup actors he had hired to fool Gorki would actually get to act in the play afterall in replacement of the slains traveling band. Nosson also made a few changes to the story based on the ad-lib work of Verruckt and Brocc. In the definitive version of the story, Laurelian calls upon the power of the Forgotten to aid him in his battle with Melineas. Nosson also made some change to the second battle with the Forgotten to better explain how he shackles them to his will. Doron also gets a bigger role in the final battle where he gets additional lines and saves his son in extremis from the blade of his rival.

The most important change, however, was Sypha’s death being now considered «canon». Nosson had wavered back and forth between a happy and a tragic ending initially settling for former fearing the public reaction since he is mostly known for his comedic plays. It turns out Nosson’s fear were unfounded. Sypha’s death scene was considered the highlight of the play and many considered Hélérinna’s flawless portrayal of the elven princess as her best role yet.

The three week acting schedule is pretty gruelling. The troupe do a repesentation each day, performing twice on Sundays and Saturdays. The theather was full for most of the run, with many people going to see the play more than once. Going in the third week, the attendance slowly started to receed but never dipped below 80% of the theather capacity. Nosson was saved from bankrupty (once more!) and was able to meet all his obligations towards his actors and various creditors.

While he readily admits the fact that Verruckt had the perfect physique for the role and values his quick wit that helped him refined the play’s text, Nosson feels he needs a better connection between the leads to take Sypha et Laurelian to the next level. The playright will give Akron a shot as Laurelian. Nosson is in the know to the fact the young man is Hélérinna current lover and he hopes to use that chemistry to create magic on stage. While Akron’s is still a neophyte thespian, Nosson believes with the right coaching he could be ideal for the role.

In Brocc, Nosson found the acting fire lacking in Verruckt. Nosson sense that the young gnome has right attitude to be a successful actor. While Nosson laments that his limp would limit his role possiblities, he says that it could actually be an asset in some of his comedies. Should he gets bored of adventuring, Nosson assures him that he can always find a home at «l’Illustre Théatre» and should he ever make the career change, Nosson promised Brocc that he will write a play specificly for him as lead.

Nosson is thinking of getting this new act on the road for a bit after the run in Clyster is over. There has been some interest for the play in Ongus… A little trip out of the town has also as the added benefit to give the Baron’s men some time to deal with this whole Gorki situation…


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