Terres des Légendes

The Elven awakening part II

«Since time immemorial, the House of Hirinir had been conservator and protector of the forest. My family was amongst the few that had always remained true to the old ways. For centuries, we had been looked upon with derision by the other families but we performed our duties unwaveringly. Times had changed… and now our bretheren looked to us for our aid…

But we were unready. They were far too few of us. The task at hand seemed impossible.

My parents volunteered to journey to the Oracle atop the mount Palator to implore the gods for their pardon and seek their guidance. This was a difficult expedition, fraught with perils, during which my father gave his life to protect my mother. She carried on, nevertheless, until she finally reached the shrine.

The oracle received her and heard her plea. They prayed together for 40 days and 40 nights, but the gods remained silent. On the 41st day, the oracle addressed my mother, channeling their answer:

Noble Hirinir,
Our hearts bleed at your sacrifice.
You will bear a daugther bearing our marks,
who will unite all our children under one banner
and usher a new era of enlightment.

With these words, she returned the court of Hil-Ganduil. Our lord summoned his peers so that my mother could share with them the oracle’s revelation. The news was received with guarded enthousiasm by most and with suspicion by some. Our people are divided by clan lines, even with the situation being as it is, many were many not ready to bow to the offspring of a minor House.

My mother’s pregnency was overseen by our best medicus. Sadly, when the time came, their trade could only do so much. It was an extremely difficult labour, as if the gods were testing my mother one last time. The medicus realized they could save only one, the child or the mother, or risk losing both. They gave my mother the choice, who, without any hesitations, ordered them to save her child.

The babe bore three birth marks on her back, a moon, a leaf and a diamond. Morkaan, Lahmfada and Kernanu had chosen her to lead our people.

With her last breath, my mother named her daugther… Elana.

We mourned the passing of an heroine and celebrated the birth of another.»


Korut_Zelva Korut_Zelva

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