Terres des Légendes

The winds of change

A lifetime of counselling made Dakan sensitive to the subtle clues hinting at someone state of mind. Dravis was being his silent self, but Dakan knew something was troubling him. He had felt an uneasyness during their return trip from the holy lands. Dakan had asked him a couple of time if everything was alright but Dravis always the loner, prefered to keep his worries to himself.

But Dravis needed not to say a word, Dakan knew exactly how he felt.

You will bring about the coronation of three royal heads…

Sharizeh’s word, ecthed in his mind…

friends and foes, be them living or dead, will heed your call and fight at your side…

These words like a curse…

when the fate of all creation hang in the balance…

He too had felt overwhelmed by them. He too had considered, if only for a moment, escaping the burden of this destiny forced upon them.

Dravis wanted a way out.

When his friend shared the news, Dakan was saddened but not surprised.

Dravis had asked for the Leper to provide him with a new assignment, a request that was granted. He was to become tutor and bodyguard to Baron Aldred’s son Alméric in replacement of Grisson who had died during the assault of the Kobold stronghold.

Dakan had no idea of what fate had in store for him and the rest of the ‘Kingmakers’. He was certain, however, that they would come to miss his friend’s sword in face of the perils ahead.

As Sharizeh sits by the fire, a sudden gust blows her hood off. The wind brushing against the mountain slopes emits a sound not unlike a moan. Her eyes narrow, as she pay attention to this sign and tries to interpret it. The old witch leans and grasps a handfull of sand. She raises her hand and slowly untighten her grip letting its content get scattered northward.

«The winds of change… A new champion has been chosen.»

The witch, disappointed, shakes her head has she reaches for her cloak’s pocket. She pulls a Tarot card and tosses it in the fire without looking at it.

«He was the only one of the four who did not defeat his worst fear. He was unready for what is to come…»

The Strenght card quickly chars and turns to ash before being dispersed by the wind.


I like the Sharizeh interlude :)

The winds of change

Sharizeh is easily of my favourite NPC. Originally she was designed only with a bit part but, thanks to the group plan to ally with her, I ended expanding her character quite a bit. It was a ton of fun to write her speech and manneurisms. I was a sad Panda when her story arc was over. I think I found in these the adequate format to keep her relevant to the campaign (plus it’s a nice storytelling device too!).

The winds of change
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