Terres des Légendes

Tidings from Lobra

Hasan my brother,

Good fortune shines on us!

The adventurers had enlisted the aid of Tristan to make a show of force at the border to spring their trap on Isaf. They should have known better than involve that fool! It was of foolish of them to think he would resist a chance to smite the Tahashims! I knew an opportunity would arise to get within striking distance in the confusion of battle. I did not squander my chance. Retribution came through my blade, the beast has fallen! The soul of our fallen brothers can now rest in peace, they have been avenged!

Now our friend Runalf might not be happy with the turns of events… ah! It’s too late for him to have regrets. If he expresses discontentment, mollify him by saying that at the moment Tristan crossed the ford, the war was unavoidable and that he is better off with Tristan out of the picture to handle what follows. Also make sure to point out that our service will prove invaluable in the coming conflict. However, should you think he is wavering or that he is considering turning on us, remind him that he has blood on his hands. It would most unfortunate if evidence incriminating him in the assassination fell in the wrong hands…

I leave tomorow for Alaflak. I will be travelling in the same ship that saw my servitude. Would you believe it my brother? I am certain my second stay aboard it will be more enjoyable! I acquired the ship from the adventurers, entincing them to part with it for a small fortune and the opportunity for one of them to be blessed by Akabaah’s wisdom. Dakan, the dwarf, accepted to go through the ritual. The old dwarf is getting more than he bargained for. Tell the knights to place a bounty on him. In his death, he will bear our mark and they will have their «proof» of his involvement in the assassination of Tristan.

Let our enemies quake with fear, for fate marches with us!



Korut => MoFo

Tidings from Lobra

He gets that from his father side of the family… :P

Tidings from Lobra
Korut_Zelva Korut_Zelva

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