Wizard in Exile


Sariel is an Eladrin Wizard. She often seems sad and does not talk about herself or her past. Her complexion and hair is unusually dark for an Eladrin. She has a very heightened sensibility of what is happening around her and is very curious, often questioning the people she meets about their travels and who and what they have seen.

Sariel has trained 75 years as an Eladrin Wizard since she was 15 years old. She is also an accomplished linguist and can speak Elleslandais, Lughwyd, Baquile, Mercanien Moderne, Beaulangue, Algandais, Kurlic, Angaté and Emphidorien Archaïque without an accent. Sariel is also proficient with longsword.

If you observe Sariel carefully, you realize she prefers the company of humans and dwarves and tries to avoid elves but this is not apparent to a casual observer.

She favours flowing clothes and cloaks that are dark purple.



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