The Dragon's Bane

A large inconspicuous «tuning fork»...


These artefacts are known under many names. In the Khitaï they are known as the «younge pamyal» which roughly translate into «Dragon’s bane». They also make an appearance in the lore of various non-human race, such as dwarfs, orcs and elves, either in the hands of their respective gods or handed over by one of them to a mythical hero. In the west, the existence of these artefacts has been forgotten by and large, and the few scholars and wizards aware of their existence refer to them as the «True God’s Voice», which could be considered an anachronism because their creation predates the emergence of the True Faith by several millennia.

Indeed, these artefacts were created a very long time ago, well before the Selentine Empire, well before the first Emphidorians learned the ways of magic. The «Dragon’s bane» are a vestige of an era where powerful beasts abounded and gods still roamed creation. In their shadows, the different races eked out a living in a few sparse settlements, always facing the danger of complete annihilation at the whims of these powerful beings. It is said that Dragons at that time were more powerful and much more common than their counterparts of today. It is also said that their might matched even those of the gods themselves.

The story and creator for these artefact varies from culture to culture but the alleged reason of their creation remains the same in all of them. They were created to to tip the scale in favour of the gods and protect creation of the devastation of the dragons. Activated by an ancient spell, the artefact emits a sound that incapacitate the great dragons putting them at a severe disadvantage should they challenges its wielder. Armed with them, the gods and their champions asserted their dominion over the dragons and never again civilization was threatened by them.

The «Dragon’s Bane» quickly faded from history after these events. Within a couple of generations, the power of dragons wittered to a more «manageable» level and it was subsequently found that the artefacts had no effect on them. Today the «Dragon’s Bane» are mostly obsolete since their power could only affect a select few living Great Wyrms, direct descendants of the dragons of Old, such as Helgyrak and Astarandel. It is impossible to determine how many of these artefacts where created originally (estimates range from a dozen to a hundred), but all of them have been lost except for two of them. One of them is in custody of the Cenacle of Charoa while the other is in possession of Ward Mondain who «acquired» it in his trip to the Khitaï.

The archimages of Krarth have long casted their covetous eyes on Kurland but have not dared invade it ever since Helgyrak became the protectress of the free-city of Rathusbosk at the conclusion of the great war between the Selentium Empire and Krarth in 551. They have long sought to retrieve one the «Dragon’s Bane» to rekindle their southern ambitions…

The Dragon's Bane

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