Terres des Légendes

Travels North, towards the coast (Elessar's point of vue)

It’s clear we cannot go back to the dwarven ruins. They are infested by dark gnomes who will not hesitate to kill us on site. The large complex of ruins west of the sprites is another possibility, but my little friend Oz tells us he’s heard stories they’re home to a linnorm, a great ancient best that we should not mess with. That leaves only one option: we move north and stick to my original plan.

Although our new friend Valdic seems to be fitting in well nicely, I still think it’s prudent to keep an eye on him. He hasn’t proven himself like Syb has.

Based on information from our native friends, we decide to make our way towards a river that could help us speed up our travel. We just have to be careful to stick to the west side because the est is drow territory and Syb does not recommend entering it.

After a couple of days, or is it weeks… I don’t know anymore, I’ve stopped counting! Where was I? Oh yes, we found the river. We made camp! Under my guidance, we took the rest of the day and built a couple of rafts.

The following morning, we took the rafts to the river and made huge progress. I must say it was nice to put up our feet and not have to walk for a while.

Our travels on the river was going smoothly and more time passed… That is until we encountered that boat. On the Est side of the bank, we saw an empty barque. It was just sitting there in the middle of the river; not moving. I immediately suspected an ambush; maybe drows! I sent in Oz to investigate. He turned invisible and reported back that the barque was indeed empty, but it looked like it was caught on something, but he could not see. There was nothing near it and the coast looked clear. I made the decision to keep going! No need to look for trouble here.

More time past on the river… Things are going smoothly! I can’t notice that is usually when things start going horribly wrong. And with that though, up in the distance, we see on the river another boat occupied by a woman, with long blond hair. She sees us and waves to us. I didn’t catch all the words she spoke, but it was evident she wanted to meet with us. She seemed nice enough so I direct her to move towards the bank so we can meet up.

That’s when everything started going horribly wrong… again! We saw something in the water quickly moving towards her. Then a tentacle or something came out of the water, grabbed the women and dragged her under. My immediate reaction was to go help her and judging by the rest of the group’s reaction, it was clear we had to do something.

Syb casted “walk on water” on the group. My brother valiantly charged in and I tried to follow, but he was faster than me. Our whole was not far behind. We faced a huge creature that was half fish, half octopus. I could not see the woman anymore! I saw my brother’s face fill with rage, and looked like he was about to direct his anger towards me. Then I was overcome with a feeling to attack and kill my friends. Lady luck was on our side; our strong will prevailed and we shrugged off the compulsion.
One of the huge creature’s tentacle hit my brother … Then I noticed Syb was also near by Bro.

I realized the woman we were trying to save was a gone and that our group was in a very bad situation. I gave the order to retreat.

I tried to divert the beast’s attention by casting a fireball. The spell exploded and boiled the river into hot steam which bought a little time. Half the group was making their way towards the bank… The creature then hit me and I was affected by some sort of affliction. My skin started to change I didn’t feel good. My brother seemed to be affected also.

I don’t know if my brother heard me or not, but it’s clear he wasn’t retreating. I saw Syb cast another spell on my brother and dispel the water walk. Eodum wasn’t retreating either. Our new gnome friend wasn’t backing down either. <sigh> So we had to fight on! It took a while, but finally brought the beast down. Rognar finally realized that the beautiful blond he wanted to rescue was only an illusion. We picked ourselves up and made our way to the bank. We decided to spend the night. Rognar, Syb and I were affected by some sort of decease. I felt weak. Our flesh had changed to the consistency of a fish and we were compelled to stay in the water. I don’t know what Oz was thinking, but he kept looking at me funny and licking his lips. The night was not pleasant one!

The following morning, Urbir and his god helped the team recover. I was glad to be myself again.

Oz told me he recognized the place, and to the west, there was a tribe of creatures that had taken a precious stone from him. It seemed very important to him. I kept arguing with Oz that it’s just a stone and I’m sure he could find another pet rock somewhere else. Oz kept insisting so I made a deal with him. I would present his case to the group and we would decide together.

I explained that a group of creatures had stolen a valuable gem like rock from Oz, and that they were not far from here, and that Oz wanted his valuable stone back. I told the group that since it’s not very far and it’s about righting a wrong, we could maybe help the little one. This was a group decision! Some of the group were willing to help; others seem indifferent, and others stayed silent. Group majority did not seem to object, so we decided to help Oz.

Oz explained there was about 7 or 8 creatures and he felt we could take them on. They were ogre like creatures and cannibals. Valdic knew the creatures well and considered them abominations and they should be destroyed. According to Oz, their camp was only a day or so way from here.

It took a little longer than expected, but we finally reached our destination. Unfortunately, the creatures were not found anywere. Oz said he knew another place and if we camped here for the night, we could go check it out in the morning. I wasn’t pleased with the idea, but we’ve already travelled this far. Decision was made to make camp and rest up.

During the night, we were ambushed. Attacked by about ten creatures. One of them was riding a hippogriff or something. I was pleasantly surprised how the group finally worked together and fight the assailants. My brother Rognar and Urbir took down many of the creatures. Eodum’s pistols were true to their mark. Syb, Valdic, Urbir and I were efficiently casting spells. Dieb did what he did best, and quickly went after one of them that tried to escape and dispatched it. Even my little buddy Oz had his impressive moment when greased the saddle of the creature on the hippogriff. It was a thing of beauty to see the ridder drop from 25-30 feet and land directly on top of one of his companions.

After killing the bunch, Oz went over to one of the creatures and quickly prompted that he had found his valuable stone. He was very anxious to show it me. Oz flew up close, in his tiny hands, I could see the stone: “See Boss… Didn’t I tel you is was the nicest stone you have ever seen!”… Just as I was reaching out to pick it up and take a look at it, Oz swallowed the stone in a quick gulp. Flabbergasted… No words! All I could do is let out a long breath of sorrow. I can’t believe after all this that the little imp swallowed the stone.

No point in making a huge case of this… May as well head back to the river and continue our trek towards the drow refugees and towards the coast.


Dieb ramble

Well, the caves and those little gnomes where far away. Going north west toward the refugee camp of drow was the destination. We made rafts to go faster on the river. Well river monster are as bad as some on the good old earth. This big fish trying to get us in a trap worked only because our leader and his brother of his rushed towards and helpless illusion. Go attacked but this thing, a fish 30 feet large and with tentacles long enough to whip us from almost 25 feet. Well for once our fearless leader gave an order: flee! How! I was surprised and I did my part and obeyed it. Beside Urbir no one else listen.

So what good is a leader if no body listen… anyway Rognar swimming to that fish killed it with the help of the efficient Eodum and her pistols. The funny part is the disease that Rognar and Elessar got. They had to be in water because of their skin transformed into some scaly fishy flesh. That was funny, stuck in freezing water… Urbir fixed it the next day and we could continue our way.

After a couple more days the dragon convinced our fearless leader to go out of our way to hunt a bad of semi-ogre thing that had stolen a rock from him. What a waste of time. But, when we found them they didn’t even were hard to kill, I killed 3 myself. Rognar, I am not sure how managed again to almost die from those little buggers. O well. But we manage to recover the stone and the dragon showed it very quickly to his master and then ate it, so all this trouble for food? Wow I am more and more impressed with this leader and dragon (eyes rolling)!

Well we will be on our way and arrive somewhere eventually…

Valldric's dream....

He was walking through the caves of his people’s settlement talking to someone, about what he couldn’t remember. They stopped when Knick-Knack hailed them and began to berate them, something he generally wouldn’t do alone…he wasn’t alone.
Valldric tried to smooth things out, they’d never seen eye to eye on anything, but he was sure they both valued their people. Knick-Knack grew more combative and aggressive, unwilling to see any of the points Valldric was making. It was just then that Valldric saw the pistol raise up past his eyeline and over his head – then the report of the shot and his life changed.
In the end he knew his relationship with Knick-Knack wasn’t going to end well, and it didn’t. Valldric emerged bloody and nearly dead, Knick-Knack completely dead.
Before he could even think clearly he was off being healed on the run as he and the outsiders made a quick exit from the Deep Gnome settlement. As he shuffled along at first leading and then following, Valldric took account of the complete firestorm his life was now in, possibly beyond repair. The mending and repairing of his life, if even possible was currently beyond his thinking.

It was at this point he woke up, opening a eye looking over at the campfire thankful it had only been a dream. The sound that had woken him came again louder and nearer than before.

“Attack!!! Stand and fight!!!!”

Rognar bellowed that phrase again and charged into combat.

Valldric realized very quickly where he was and with whom he was with. His heart sank as he realized he hadn’t be dreaming per se, but remembering. Those events had really happened and he was completed screwed and also under attack. The sound of footsteps grew louder and he instinctively rolled over onto his hands and knees and became a giant porcupine the size of a small pony. Whoever these attackers were, he was now fully awake, covered in spiny quills and incredibly pissed off.

What the fuck

Floating down the River , bien sagement .. enjoing the ride… au loing qui on voie .. une tres jolie demoiselle Blonde …seul sur un radeau … elle semble nous envoyer la main … avec une grand entousiasme je lui repond …
on ce dirige dans sa direction et qu’est-ce qu’on voie…. une grosse ombre ce dirigant vers elle , On ce depèche a la ratraper et soudain on apersois une grosse tantacule jaillir de l ’eau et attraper la belle Blonde …

ELLE EST EN DANGER !!!! Siboulette nous cast un sort pour marcher sur l eau..
RUN RUN RUN !!! … Je cour dnas la direction de la creature, quand soudais tout a cout …. je marrete brusquement .. et j ai une etrange envie de tuer mon frere … je me retourne et dans sa direction et quelque seconde apres je revien a la raison .. ouf what a strange fealing !!!!

so on l attaque , elle nous attaque elle aussi bien sur , … JE DOIT SAUVER LA BELLE BLONDE !!!

Siboulette me caste 2 sort que je puisse reussi a l atttauer sous l eau pendant que les autre tante de regagner la rive sous l ordre de mon frere….
To bad je doit sauver la belle Blonde ….

aller hop je m approcher et ouf … elle m attaque et reussi a me couvrir d une drole de glue … je reussi quand meme a la descendre , apres quelque temps j ai la peau qui devien come un poison … ich !! , faut rester d en l eau car je sui pas bien …

de plus pour respirer je doit rester dans l eau … c est quoi ca . mon frere a le meme probleme , il a du etre toucher lui aussi .

What a fuking day , apres quelque heure on redevien normal …
What the fuck was that …
apres conclusion la blonde etait juste une illusion , un leur pour nous attirer … ca la marcher pas a peut pres .. good do i miss those girl back home

friend or foes

je regarde Eodum et notre … whatever nouveau friend et je me demande a quel point ils ont fuck up notre chance d avoir l information du mort… je savais bien que j aurais du me joindre a eu… les chose aurais surement ete diffferent … i would kill them all … so aucun des ces batard auraient pus venir interrompe la drow…… a women in a fight … common !!!

j ai hate que mon frere puisse etre assez fort pour ce defendre seul so j’aurais pus a faire le baby-sitter

la on a un de c est batard avec nous … i will have to keap a eye on him….

Valldric the Wicked/Tocwig the Wise

Foreman Domai, made his way in the narrow tunnels doing his best to step out of the way of the workers coming and going. He was still completely distraught after today’s event. He needed to find him. Make sense of all this.

He found Molbrew in the middle of the commotion. Steady as a rock. As always. Around him workers were busy digging a ditch, others sharpening wooden stakes into spikes. From the ashes of the Elder Council, Molbrew had emerged as the new uncontested leader.

Domai, raised a hand in salute forcing a nervous smile, then reached out for his handkerchief to wipe the sweat from his brow. Molbrew, approached Domai and the pair made their way together down the tunnel away from the workers, where the ambient sound would be more conducive for conversation.

«If we collapse the the south and west corridor we can funnel any would be intruders into advantageous terrain for an ambush…»

Domai paid no attention to Molbrew’s statement, he had an entirely different matter to discuss.

«Tocwig… Tocwig had warned us.»

Molbrew nodded but said nothing.

«He’s too young, too immature. He became too powerful too quickly. He thinks he knows more than he knows and is too stubborn to listen to the advice of others. Lacking in wisdom, he uses his powers irresponsibility with little regards to consequences. Should he be allowed into the Council, he would bring ruin to himself and to all…»

Prophetic words…

«I know…» replied Molbrew, stroking his grey bushy beard pensively. The wound of his treachery was fresh.

«Why would he do that?»

«His mind was weak. He let the outsiders poison it. Let his story be a cautionary tale to those that question the wisdom of our ancestors. Meddling in outsiders’ politics only serves to attract attention to us.»

None uttered his name, but all knew it would live on in infamy forever…

«What do we do now?»

«Now we prepare. Trap every inch. Then we dig. Safety is in the earth’s embrace.»

The two svirfneblins arrived at the duergar shrine, the gigantic statue of Lug towering over them. Molbrew looked up to its cold impassive eyes.

«We let the accursed outsiders fight and die over the custody of that damned statue.»

Molbrew turned to lock gaze with Domai, his eyes full of confidence.

«Yes we dig, Domai. We dig until all of creation forgets about us. Then my friend… we thrive.»

Waitign for nothing

Ha, well I woke up in a room were a dead gnome was lying on the floor. Eodum wanted to go explore one room and I wanted to go too but go marooned with the elfs and big brother. The slot was to do to a spell to get more information but guess what, it turned out to be for nuts as we got interrupted by the mob of gnomes claiming we are not welcome anymore.

Well, that was short and not useful at all. I learnt afterward that both our supposed leader screwed up on this one, the first to play a mind trick and extent something that could have been done and get our info and the other one because she shoot the leader of the gnomes. Well on second thought I could care less about the gnome because as far as I know they did not even hold their part of the agreement.

Now we are out of that forsaken place with one of them on our hands (eyes rolling), what the hell did I do to get myself here. I presume we will have yet another futile discussion to decide where we go and how, I say let’s kill them all. The body is domed to know something…

Well, let get moving… else we will be stuck here forever…. what a nightmarish thought…

Dredges and dark gnomes: Oh my!

As promised, I would to listen to the group. Against my better judgement, we decided to go investigate some dwarven ruins to potentially obtain answers on what is happening to the portals. I must admit, I was intrigued by the dwarven portal we found which responded (but did not activate) when Urbir approached.

The inscription of the portal was also intriguing:
«The children of Lug know no fear. May they prevail over the lord of darkness, and their sacrifice be always remembered».

We then entered the some ruins in hopes of finding answers, but up until now, all we found was death. We encountered some dark funny looking gnomes. They had a wizard with them who mounted a strange giant like creature. Our group eventually dealt with the opposing gnome threat which resulted in many unfortunate casualties for the little ones… and the large one!

Just when we thought we would get a breather, we were then surrounded from both directions by more of those creepy little gnomes… Maybe 20-30 in all! The group worked well again, and the little ones saw they were no match for us and decided to retreat.

We followed the tunnels which lead to an area where things started to look more like a remains of a ancient dwarven city. We found a section with multiple rooms which may have been used for storage in the past. It was suggested to lock ourselves in one of these room and rest for the night. The decision was sound as we desperately needed rest: our wounds needed mending and our magical and clerical resources were depleted. We had no choice! We moved one of the large stone doors and sealed ourselves in the storage vault… Can’t help think that we are sealing ourselves in a tomb, but it’s a calculated risk.

After many hours, Urbir mended our wounds and we once again ready to explore the rest of ruins.
Note to self: … must remember to thank Urbir for all his help. It is much appreciated!

Upon opening the door to the storage vault, we were surprised to see one of the dark little gnomes. He wanted to negotiate something between his people and our group. Eodum volunteered to speak on behalf of the group and she eloquently negotiated an understanding with Valdic and his people.

We learned that the little gnome’s name was Valdic. We had just killed their leader. Valdic went on about some power struggle currently happening within his people because of the death of their leader. But the death of their leader also took care of his problem. He mentioned that a group of Dredges entered their home and it would be a mutual interest if we could deal with them. His people are not too happy about all of this, but he thinks he can convince them and avoid a conflict. He went about the Dredges that entered their home and that they walked in ignoring everyone. As long as you no one engaged them, they did not interact and kill anyone. They made their way to the room with all the dwarven statues with the large statue of the God. The Dredges stopped and sat there. They looked like they were in a meditative state or praying to the statue.

I feel that officially naming Eodum as my “Second” was a good call. Her diplomacy and dealings with outsiders is refined and her role in this position will be invaluable to the group. Note to self: …have to have discussion with her to speak with her about this and future encounters.

Discussions continued… We finally came to an agreement to help the little ones provided they help us look for information and eventually show us the way out. The little gnome escorted us and we made our way towards the room where the Dredges were. Based on what we knew, this could potentially be a lethal combat if we decided to engage them. We asked the little gnome what was through the other doors. One was a teleport spell, and the other had a trap with never ending corridor. The gnome explained to us how it worked (we could walk out backwards). We devised a plan to try and trap the Dredges in that never ending corridor.

Eodum volunteered herself as bait to lead the Dredges into the Trap. It was risky, but we all felt she was in the best position to execute the manoeuver. Eodum went into action and shot the Dredges to provoke them. She fearlessly led the group into the corridor. With the help of Oz who delivered an invisibility touch spell, they both vanished from sight and quietly exited the hall without the Dredges knowing. All was left to do is close the door and mark it with a warning for others.

We made good on our end of the bargain. It was now Valdic’s turn to work his magic with his people. We proposed doing a “speak with dead” spell on the dead wizard to see if we could find out more information. The little gnomes agreed provided they could ask the final question.

Valdic also investigated the quarters of the dead wizard and found a small statuette of a dwarf. The statue is magical. (GM to let us know what it is before next game). We also found a spellbook, an amulet of Natural AC +1, and some bracers of vembrance or something. Since we found the amulet and the group was arguing about who got it, I asked Eodum to give the ring of protection back to Syb, and that in return, she could take the Amulet of Natural AC. I think my poor brother was peeved, but he’s strong. I’m sure he’ll come around and understand…. Eventually!

I also noticed that Dieb seems a little more quiet that usual. Maybe he found news unknown pleasures? In any case, the lack of elf bashing is a welcome the change. Maybe we’re finally making an impression on him that not all elves are bad? Maybe it’s wishful thinking too…

The room with all the Dwarven statues was particularly intriguing to me. In the corner was a large statue of a god. A large rune on the floor used for teleporting. The teleport on one of the doors? Very intriguing indeed! Can’t help wonder if the magic was the work of the dark gnome wizard or if it was the previous owners of this ruin.

The inscription on the dwarven portal, the statues, these ruins, the statue of the god… They remind me ancient legends about Balor, the god of Darkness. It is said he once ruled the world. His icy blast covered the land with a frozen mist and the humans suffered under his slavery. The other gods assembled in secret, and in mutual agreement, they decided to raze the city of Nem, a symbol of the dark powers. It was Morkan, goddess of magic, who launched the first assault, causing a great explosion within the forges of Balor used to develop great was and death machines. Torrents of flame gushed from the bowels of the earth, covering the area with a carpet of ash. Meanwhile, in the North, the gods continued their assaults. The land was torn, and the cursed city was engulfed in the depths of earth. A gigantic tidal wave covered the land, followed by icy winds and Balor was imprisioned forever in a prison of ice. The world could finally live in peace and no more would mortals pronounce the name of the god of darkness.

What others may not know is that my Eladrin ancestors came from the Fey lands to the material plane with the intention to oppose and fight Balor and his armies. Some of my people then stayed behind to monitor the imprisonment of Balor. It is rumored that Balor was imprisoned in the City of Nem, deep in the pagan mountains, east of Erevorn. The location of the city itself is a closely guarded secret by the Eladrin as there are still agents of Balor roaming the lands trying to revive him. (https://terres-des-legendes.obsidianportal.com/wikis/balor). By speaking of this to my colleagues, I expect every one of them to keep this quiet! A slip up in sharing this type of information could have disastrous repercussions.

I would also be interested in learning more from Syb about her god Rymfax (https://terres-des-legendes.obsidianportal.com/wikis/rimfax). She may know more about the legends of the god of darkness, Balor. It is said that Rymfax had his frictions with Balor.

I also think we need to assess and evaluate Valdic’s intent. I suspect he’s looking to leave his people. He seems to be feeling some stress and apprehensions on staying with his clan of gnomes. He may be a potentially valuable ally since he may know his way around these lands and he may be an untapped source of information.

Valldric's Tale

Valldric finds the group of outsiders and looks rather strained as if he’s carrying a anvil. He walks over and begins to speak,

“My time here is done for the moment, I’ve expended what little political capital I had and now must leave. The unseasonal weather brought on by an event weeks past and the visit my people had from those dredge has me at a crossroad.
I value beyond all my people’s existence, they may not see it as such but it is true. They are factionalized and now increasingly under the sway of one who loves neither myself or all of you for that matter.
For my people’s safety you must go, and I with you. I encouraged my folk to go north for their own safety, but they won’t listen and will stay. You are here wandering around without answers, seeking information that will help you…if I understand what I’ve heard. I too need answers, and the Druids of the Great Henge might have answers that would serve us both. In my view acting one way or another without knowing exactly what’s going on may make any action taken worse. Only knowing the reasons for what has happened, gives you the tools to make informed reasoned decisions.
I can guide you as best I can and offer you my services.”

Valldric clearly looks uncomfortable making his speech, he pauses often as if he’s mulling over other pressing issues in his head. Once finished he looks awkwardly for a place to sit and after some wandering about he folds his small frame down near the dwarf.

Keeping the peace...

It was quite clear that things were not going to straighten themselves out anytime soon. Valldric looked over at where the outsiders were quietly eating, quick glances told him that they weren’t entirely at ease, truth be told neither was he.
The turn in the weather, the drow, those trapping marching forever in the endless corridor…it was really too much for him to take.
It had only been recently, maybe a year and a half that he’d been doing his work as a emissary. Travelling out and seeing if he could improve the lot for his people, now it looked like it might all be wasted time. All the signs pointed to danger moving ever closer, it was clear the sight where his people now lived was special in some fashion, but how or why he had no clue. Deep Gnomes weren’t all that concerned with other races history or exploits so a study of the site they’d settled in hadn’t been more than superficial as far as he knew. Valldric laughed to himself, odd that answers and questions were so vitally important now.
Could the outsiders be trusted, or at least trusted long enough to get the answers his people needed? This was to be the next step he would have to take, ally with the surface dwellers and hope they’d have the skills and smarts to solve things. He wasn’t sure of his own role, much less if they’d be up to the task, but he had run out of options.
The Council was now short handed and he figured his name would again be poisoned, as those looking to grab control used his job and his calling against him once again. A Council seat should be his for the taking, but he’d never really tried to drum up political support, he was never around enough to maintain the needed presence that was required in political gamemenship.
If he didn’t use his skills his calling had provided him with that too might spell they end of his people. He felt more comfortable with the life of a Druid, than that of a political operative so he stood and began to gather what little he owned.

He had a feeling he had skills and knowledge to offer the outsiders, they neeeded him but might not yet see it themselves. Valldric just would have to stay close and provide wise council…


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