Terres des Légendes

Is this real?

Yet another useless discussion on where we should go and how all that lead by our fearless leader. The goal is to find why those portal are not working so why arguing not to go where we may find info… I will never understand… But we finally go to a mine near our arbitrary destination…

Well for a mine, it was dusty, full of rocks, traps and gnomes. The gnomes were not nice, attacking and trying to kill us for no particular reason. We basically fought and again Eodum and me – the group fighters did most f the work, well Rognar did some. The gnomes had a giant of some kind that was a child of something, his face a shame of youth.

Well, following Eodum into a teleporter we are now trapped – no fault of Eodum, in a real mine where gnome, drake like monster and full of other beasties what to use us as food source. Well I am hard to eat and don’t taste good, my rapier will be seasoning to them and my speed will save the day!

Now I must ready myself into a special trance as my mind will travel into a special dimension for some time. I will be the sword, I will be the will, I will be where the metals meet flesh and wins the days… Try to stop my speed, try to strop me you gnomish thing! Let me be shadow!

Into the Mines
Excerpt from "White Lily in the Wild, the Collected Works of Eodum the Wanderer"

Ancient dwarven mines
Tracks, dust and the scent of loam
Ah! A teleporting trap!
Some have said before
Evil gnomes, there’s no such thing
Oh, how wrong they were.
A guarding sigil
Master blaster on a brute
The mind of a child.
Astray underground
Ambushes and spitting drakes
Comforting darkness

The Raven

At least this time he was able to leave a meeting in good shape and not being shot at. He nodded to the meetings other attendee and morphed his form into that of a raven and flew off circling the spot where they’d met once and flew towards the woods.
He circled the woods and watched the figure as they made their way back to camp, he flew a little further and settled in the branch of large pine overlooking the camp from a distance. He flexed his wings as he nestled against the trunk, now sure he was fully healed but it would be a long while before he forgot about the sting of the poisoned bolts as they entered his back.

It was also too bloody sunny, only the dark recess of the pine branches kept it dark enough for his liking, looking down it could only be worse for them. As he watched them he assessed the information he’d both been given and gathered. Something odd was going on, but he only had his hands on a piece of the puzzle. He watched the camp till it grew slightly darker, making sure that at the camp all looked as he thought it should.

Knowing the shit-storm his return might set off he also began to prepare his report to the elders. Final decisions were theirs, but this was a chance for some new income coming in and the chance of more money in the future.

The raven hopped from branch to branch working its way around the tree till the camp was at its back and the direction home was straight ahead, then off it flew.

histoire sans fin
the way i feal

Ouin bin je sais pas quand on vas finir par finir cette mission la moé… j ai l impression que on trouveras jamais le pourquoi les portal fonctionne plus .

j ai tellement l impression que ca fait une eterniter que on est ici .. c est pas que je m ennuis de la maison …ok maybe un ti-peut…mais c est surtout que j ai l impression que on avance pas ..

realy what do we no… not mutch ….

anyway en attendant on voie du pays

Sad that we lost that friend, he was a good figther …i hope the other will conpensate also …dont want to be the only one on the front line

A bittersweet resolution
Excerpt from "White Lily in the Wild, the Collected Works of Eodum the Wanderer"

Aimless winter march
Scorpion, a dragon’s delight
Unexpected friend.

Underground, dead witch -
A cold breeze on the plateau
Our ally’s last stand.

Heart of the Mountain -
Evening remembrance
New friends for old friend.

Dieb recent reflection

The last few days have been full of joy and sadness. First of all, our friend Kallum has been defeated when we were ambushed by earth elemental. Many of them we upon us while we were trying to help the sprites getting rid of the witch. Well, this battle did not turn out the way we hoped. Kallum died, his friend Mordak got hammered, literally by first of dirt to the ground. Rognar got punched many times, and I, not a scratch. But our friend Kallum passed away without any of us being able to do a thing.

We were welcome as hero in the sprite village and our friend given proper respect for a well fought battle and standing his ground.

But I must insist on the best part of the last few days, the elf met a fairy dragon. What a good thing, the dragon ate his scorpion! That was a hoot! This is too good to be true and too funny not to gloat and be happy and smiling for once in this forsaken place.

I have more inner reflect to make but for now, I am getting ready for our next journey, going towards ruins to get more information on the disappearing portals. Well, I hope well find something soon as this place is starting to get on my nerves, mostly only elves… this is bad…

Slightly later that same evening...

The lone figure knew he was very close, he could smell the camp where he was headed. It was the smell of more civilization than he normally liked, or better put – the kind of civilization he wasn’t a big fan of. However in this matter he didn’t have a lot of choice, this work he did was his job, a job he did on behalf of his people. He did it because he could and most either couldn’t or wouldn’t. It was also a job that needed to be done, and knowing this and the importance it could play…it wasn’t something he could leave to others. At least if he was doing it it would get done, and done properly.

Now being that he was so close he would check and make sure everything was as it should be. Twice in his life he’d be almost killed when a seemingly “safe” situation wasn’t. With a thought he became a red-winged blackbird, sitting among the pine needles of the the small grove of trees he’d taken refuge in. He flew up high and circled over his destination twice looking for signs of things not being right, he saw only what he should see. So he circled back to the little grove and was a lone figure in the blackness once again. Walking out he joined up to the main roadway and made his presence known when challenged at the enterance.

He plastered a smile on his face and pulled down his hood, although those there already knew him for his distinctive appearance. He was waved through and made the necessary small talk before moving on towards his real reason for being here.

Early evening...

The little bird flew on for some time and with the sun beginning to think about setting it landed. Now a lone figure again he stood and stretched, first one way and then another.

“That is way more exhausting then you’d be lead to believe.”

He claps a hand to his mouth when he realizes he’d said that out loud, this is followed by laughter. Checking around him he sets off again, but walking this time. It would appear that he’s familiar with the area, but cautious for some reason. He moves with purpose, but stops every fifteen minutes or so to take a good look behind him.
After an hour with the sun now down he is very close to his apparent destination, he mutters to himself.

“Just remember to be nice, and don’t piss anyone off, you get more bees with honey.”

The lone figure walks onto into the coming night.


Kallum opened his eyes and sat up, he was on a familiar looking ledge, but for some reason he couldn’t remember why it was so familiar to him. It was most definitely somewhere on a mountain, the thin air was filling his lungs telling him that he was up very high. How high was a bit of a question, thick cloud cover obscured most everything in front and above him.
He stood and looked around, nothing felt wrong and yet nothing felt quite normal either. All of his things were here, his pack, his massive sword…these things he gathered up. It was noon, or so he gathered as the sun was above him trying its best to break through the clouds. This meant he had time to make it, somewhere? Clearly he couldn’t just stay here, but it was always a rather foolish endeavour to go charging about on a mountain. Even more foolish a endeavour when you didn’t even know which mountain you were on.
He gently moved forward and as he had figured it was a sheer drop straight down for at least a couple hundred feet. The clouds thankfully weren’t hugging right against the mountainside, however the drop might be even more. Without a break and less cover he’d have to be much slower than he’d normally be, and slow was something his people were often accused of being. This idea wasn’t without merit he thought, but few others ever took the time to stay with his people and see why they’d adopted a cautious and deliberate life.
Moving back from the edge he examined the area he’d awoken in more carefully. The rock wall behind was as sheer going up at the one going down, but a carefully concealed trail lead up presumably around the mountain. It would seem that he had just popped into existence right here on the ledge, he couldn’t find a trail concealed or otherwise that lead down. This upwards running trail was narrow, but great care had gone into its construction. It was most definitely not natural, this was clear once he started walking. What gave its manufactured nature away was its smoothness, the rough, random bits you’d find in a normal trail weren’t present. Now all trails were manufactured, but they followed a natural flow of the Terran they traversed. Here this wasn’t the case, it was just too perfect. Every step he took the landing was smooth, no loose rock, no jagged bits to catch on.

Kallum was mulling the trails construction over in his mind and he’d stopped and turned to look back at where he’d come from. The cloud started obscuring his vision about fifty feet in front and it back. It wasn’t as bad above him, but this was due to the work of the sun trying to break through he thought to himself. It was then he remembered that he was dead.
It didn’t come as shock to him, more as the kind of realization you might have when you awake in a unfamiliar place. This was kind of what he’d done expect the place was familiar, this he also now remembered. That ledge he’d awoken on was one above his village he’d climb to as a boy to take in the view. Shaking his head he couldn’t believe he hadn’t instantly recognized it, but as he also realized he wasn’t home at all. He knew with increasing certainty that he was walking the path to the Mountain.
His people just referred to it as the Mountain, a perfect mountain where you’d meet the elder gods and stand in judgement of your life in the mortal realm. Kallum had been a good warrior, but not the most spritual of people. He had figured he would be judged on his deeds, not his time locked in prayer. Having fallen in battle he regretted, but it had been in attempting to fill his oath something that even the elder gods should of noted. Now he was curious, he could now remember the tales of the afterlife on the Mountain, but it wasn’t quite described like this. Shouldering his sword he turned back and proceeded to move on up the narrow trail.

Later that day...

A lone figure was walking following a well-worn path in the stone, countless centuries of travel over the mountains had worn the few safe passages right into the rock itself. Coming down off the ridge the path currently followed the figure carefully picked their way down. Stopping and looking around constantly, they stepped the few final feet onto the level ground of the plateau.

This merited a brief pull on a waterskin and the figure began moving again. It kept moving for another ten minutes or so, when it exclaimed, “Huh, that’s interesting”. This sound wasn’t intended but the surprise of the situation before it was such that it had spoken without thinking. It whirled around looking carefully and once satisfied it was alone it bent down looking carefully over the ground before it.

It was pretty clear a fight of some length and scale had taken place here recently. Disturbed gravel with a liberal coating of blood, from more than once source littered the area outside the mouth of the cave where the figure now stood. The figure moved towards the cave mouth and paused thinking to itself for three or four slow drawn in breaths. It must of decided against as it moved back from the cave and looked over the scene of the fight again for another minute or so, this investigation was halted by another pull on the water skin.
The figure now abandoned the scene of the fight and followed the trail till it ended on the cliff side of the mountain plateau. Kneeling the figure took a look over the edge and shook its head and laughed to itself.

Standing up the figure took a last look behind it and assured it was truly alone changed form into that of a mountain thrush which flew up circling around the cliff’s edge twice and then dipped down flying down towards something.


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