Terres des Légendes

A Dark Bargain...

Durindar was the most mischievous, audacious elf he had met. Always up for a new dare or adventure. Replacing the fomorian chieftain magic pendant with a necklace of flower seemed a good idea at the time. It would have been the perfect prank! He still remembers Durindar look of horror when his unfortunate sneeze cut their heist short. Apparently, the chieftain did not share their sense of humor.

He remembered Kinded generosity. And her fishcakes! The best of the Feywild, no doubt! Industrious to a fault, the old gnome took her role of apothecary very seriously and would routinely worked herself sick preparing various salves and tonics. He had tried to prepare an elixir for her sickness. He was pretty sure he knew how to prepare the potion, he had saw her make it countless time… It made it all the more surprising when the lab blew up.

They had started on the wrong foot but, if truth be known, he was a bit to blame to associate with someone so tasty. Very sensitive, with not an ounce of malice in him, that Ellesar. Generous with the fishes too. Speaking of fishes, the eladrin seemed a bit like one out of water in the Feywild at times. Clearly he needed him to stay out of trouble. Alas, tragedy struck again. What rotten luck!

Then something happened. He had enough. It would be the last time a friend died on Oz’s watch!

Everyone had given up on Ellesar. But not him! He knew who to turn to.

Sybellinth would fix everything.


Sybellinth listened to Oz’s story intently. How Rognar killed Ellesar, how the group spared Dieb life and how they left Ellesar behind. She was profoundly shocked but not grieving. As Oz had hoped, it did not take her long to think of a plan.

Sybellinth explained that the reagents required to bring someone back to life were rare and onerous, including, amongst other things, a diamond of great value which served as the spell’s catalyst. Sybellinth assured she had a way to obtain them. But it would neither be easy or elegant.

Sybellinth rummaged through vials she kept in her backpack. She finally pulled one and examined it with a wry grin.

«A woman’s greatest weapon…»

«Poison?» asked Oz, feeling uneasy at the implications.

Sybellinth looked at him in eyes, suddenly serious.



Vass was in his tent sitting by a rudimentary table surveying maps, plotting possible route for the caravan while listening to his daughter’s plea. Standing a short distance behind him, Sybellinth made her case.

A powerful wizard who fell in love with her was now slain and abandoned by his comrade. He could be used as token of good faith to the court of the Dökkálfar. He could teach languages of the Eladrins to him and those under his command, giving them an edge over the other factions that did not possess Quentil or Lughwydh speakers.

Vass was unmoved by her arguments. The man would not be swayed thus.

Sybellinth closed the distance and started to kiss Vass’ shoulder softly, slowly working her way up his neck.

«This… Ellesar. What is he to you?» inquired Vass, amused.

Sybellinth’s reply came as a whisper: «An asset to our cause, master…»

Fading footsteps

The last few days after the death of Elessar, I think I feel something creeping and spying on me. Every time I look around it seems I see a shadow hiding somewhere, a bird looking at me just before flying away, even the few grass strand out of the snow seemed to shy away from me. The ground looks harder and feels colder, when I try to light the fire it is as if the wood starts reluctantly compare to the others. I think something is sneaking on me, creeping just out of sight on purpose and the only explanation I can reach logically is that this land is hunting me and making me go crazy, well it is not working yet.

Today we fought some swap things, I am sure that this place helped them, given them more protection than normal swamp plants. I am sure now that the land is against us, if not only against me, but it is just an elf that is dead, and I didn’t even kill it! It should go for Rognar, not me…

Sleeping on the frozen ground, I heard stump and slushing in the half frozen and hard ground. These steps are in cadence, there are many moving in steps and humming a litany that I am not sure I want to understand. Looking around, I see that all are asleep but present. Not again, no watchers – wait, there are watchers, what are those things? Giant trees surrounding the camp! I can see their sickly greenish eyes that are like swelling wounds, their mount gapping and showing wooden teeth bloodied with what? I don’t know but blood is trickling down their trunk. Freakish small and long arms ending in four twiggy fingers hands trying to grasp at me, they are still humming this song that I don’t know, that I don’t care to know nor understand… This must be a dream…

Now I am standing up, rapier in hands, ready to face these trees or monster? How my sword got into my hands? Well I don’t care I am ready to fight, I’ll cut them down one by one and if takes me all night, then so be it. I am alone in their circle. Ha, that crow is there on their branch that serves as hair, and is cracking is pleasure at seeing me, he is calling is friend, I am sure of it, to feast on my body once I am crushed by these giant trunk. Well I am ready, let’s cut them down splinter by splinter!

Then, sneaky bastard! They trapped me with their roots, my feet can move, their sickly white and brown roots are slowly grasping me more and more, going up my legs! I’m trapped! I am slashing with my rapier, I am screaming my horror and for help, but my screams are only echoed by the bouncing sounds of them around the trees. Then, their roots start digging a hole just before my eyes; the hole is big enough for me and very deep. The roots are not up to my chest; I can barely move my arms and swing my rapier. I know I am being dragged into the hole, I know my fate, these trees will bury me alive! At least have the decency to kill me outright! Bunch of wuss!

I am being dragged to the bottom of this endless pit still held by the roots. It is then I know understand the song they are signing:

Killer of fey, killer of fey,
You are not welcome anymore,
You are not neutral anymore,
Killer, not more hearsay.

Die, die you must,
Your sword and you,
Your body will be dust,
Down the bottom with you.

They are signing over and over again, not stopping and the song seem to take a happier note the more I got down in the hole and then slowly it is being filled with dirt. But what is that, a visage, yes someone may yet help me! Wait, it’s smiling, what is it, who it is? I know this face! Syb! My last sight was her pouring dirt in my face laughing! I am dead, or will soon be…

Gasping in horror, sitting upright from my bed camp, what a nightmare! But wait, I have my sword in hand, what is going on? I look around and I see the trees close by, signing. I start screaming but a root got into my mount and stopped it, many of them have already grapple my body and are truly dragging my into the earth. I scream, move, and try to fight. I look directly in the eyes of Valldric that looks sleeping on his feet during his watch and not noticing anything… I am fading into the frozen ground, at least I am with my trusted blade in my last moment before going out of this world into the next…

On the ground, only a bow is left. There are signs of struggle but most of Dieb’s stuff is missing or destroyed. Amongst the pieces many small roots are seemingly trying to turn to dust anything that was Dieb’s.

Epilogue: An Inauspicious Reunion...

The cleric sat on a snow covered boulder overlooking the edge of the forest, her white cloak and long white hair melding with her surroundings. Her presence would have gone unoticed but for her ebony skin and her pendant oscillating in the northern wind. Snakes intertwined in a knot, the symbol of the betrayer.

The drow sat completely still in silent contemplation. She prayed. And waited.

It had been more than a month now and there still was no sign of the Svirfneblin, it seemed unlikely that he would fulfill his promise. Improbable…but not inconceivable… In any case the camp would not be lifted until two more days and in the interval, there was nothing to do but wait. Wait and hope for a lucky break.

Another cloaked figure suddenly emerged from the forest not to far from her. A beautiful drow, haggar and wearied, dragging her feet in the snow.

The cleric stood up, revealing her presence, giving an inquisitive look to this new arrival.

Another priestess of Rimfax. Jaxia immediately recognized her.

«Sybellinth Daevon’lyr, I presume?»

«You know of me, but I do not believe we’ve met before.» responded Sybellinth, still catching her breath.

«We have. I am Jaxia Xull. I feel thankful that I am here to welcome you. You’ve had a long journey. You are safe now.»

Jaxia’s smile was gracious, there was a warmth to her. Her answer seemed to lift a weight off Sybellinth’s shoulders, after all these trials and tribulations… she finally made it. She was back amongst her kind at long last.

«These are difficult times. Without strong allies, one is sure to perish. I made it this far but for the grace of Rimfax. I would be most grateful if you would introduce me to the Lord General. I would gladly pledge myself before your master.»

For a fraction of a second, Jaxia’s pupils dilated slightly.

«Yes… I am sure my master would entertain your generous offer. We would certainly benefit to count one such as you among us.»

Jaxia gracefully jumped down from her perch and made her way to Sybellinth.

«Come with me, our camp is near. Please, friend, tell me of your incredible journey…»


The two priestesses went about mostly unnoticed as the camp was bustling with activity as final preparations were made for the great march west. They made their way to one of the larger tent where Jaxia whispered some instruction to one of the guards, who noded and entered the leader’s tent.

Both women knelt, while waiting for a response to their request for an audience. Sybellinth used the opportunity to brush aside snow that had collected on her shoulders and straighten her cloak. One’s has only one chance to make a good impression…

«Tell me Jaxia. How is she?»


«Sindell Hun’Duis, your master. How is she?»

«Sindell?» said Jaxia, feigning surprise, «Sindell has perished in Barad Halcin Nîr… I serve another now.»

Before Sybellinth could say another word, a rugged warrior wearing an mithril breastplate with an ornate snake patterns exited the tent. The middle age drow gave Sybellinth a predatory stare, grinning in satisfaction. His sight sent shivers down her spine.

It was him.

«Rise, my child… Come… Come embrace your father.»

[50th game of Terre des Légendes : Error in Game, please restart...] Dieb Wins ?!?

“Darkness, still more darkness and then consciousness, what is going on? Slowly opening my eyes, there is light. Heaven should not feel like this, cold in the back, hurt all over flickering light like a torch, a bearded face leaning over mine and wait! What’s that my hands are tied? What is going on?”

“Ha yes I remember, the slave master elf decided finally to act, and maybe show some spine to his back. I remember clearly that weasel bastard casting a spell that was my true answer, my signal to decide if I got after the whore or the sweat heartless gigolo close by. Well the answer is easy, let’s first get the slave master and then go for the bitch and make her believe he sacrificed her for his hide… that sounds like plan… Let’s do it!”

As soon as the casting of Elessar was started, Dieb used his habilities to disappeared, move swiftly some distance behind him to get a good first blow. Rognar was surprise by the instant reaction and quickness of action, Elessar was ready but yet did not move fast enough for Dieb. Rognar closed in on his brother to protect him from Deib but could not see him, Elessar saw the Dieb move focusing all his resentment in his blade trust between his ribs for a serious blow that was almost immediately punished by Rognar two-handed strike. And then Dieb move away.

Elessar countered by glitterdusting Dieb, blinding him in the process. Dieb avoided Rognar attack and moved away again ready to strike again at Elessar for a next pass. Elassar sent black tentacles in Deib area and their grabbed him. Deib did not see Rognar charge his brother and slap him hard in an attempt to stop the fight. Trying to free himself and failing Dieb was raging for action when the tentacle let go of Dieb. Elessar ordering his brother to stop prepared yet another spell but was surprise when Rognar took the opportunity to swing his sword and stun him enough to stop his casting and dropped him to the ground unconscious. Deib took the opportunity to move and stab Elessar on the ground. We was then slash hard by Rognar’s blade and also dropped to the ground.

Rognar had what he wanted, the two opponent could not continue the fight. But first he must neutralize Dieb, how to do that? Let remove his blade and then we will see… Taking the blade, Rognar started to hear voices: “issssss not and elf, isssss we want elf to die! Issss kill him! Kill the elf, Finisssssh him!” Fighting a losing battle to keep control of his mind and body, Astyanax won. Rognar becoming the puppet of the sword started to inflict injuries upon injuries on the fallen corpse of his brother until there was no hope of rescue and lifesaving. Then, knowing there was a drow on the run he started to go get help from his companion at the camp site.

They did not need long to meet, to understand the nature of Dieb weapon’s. They toss it and came to the gruesome scene: two body, bloodied and dead. Urbir looked at Elessar and confirmed his passing away. The same was not true with Dieb, we was still barely alive and was brought back to the land of the living by healing magic…

“Now I remember most of want happened. I smile, I look at Elessar dead form, Ha! At least one thing worked, the annoying elf is dead and my sword got what it wanted, to taste his life fluids! Now it is my turn, Eodum, Urbir and mainly Rognar will certainly kill me shortly… Let’s hope my honor duel will be remembered and taken into account in my judgment. But I am at peace with myself, I did my best, one against two and so far I prevailed, my family can be proud of their son…”

Elessar’s last moment

Elessar’s last moment

Elessar glympses from the corner of his eyes and sees his brother charging towards him…
Rognar strikes his brother with the pomel of his greatsword.

Elessar shouts out: “ BROTHER?!?!?! What are you doing? “ In the middle of the battle field, between Dieb and his brother, time suddenly slows down for Elessar. His face has a look of disbelief and confusion.

Rognar delivers a second blow to his beloved brother.

Light fading… The darkness moves in… Everything slower now… Elessar is falling towards the ground!

A bright light… Memories of Elessar’s last moments flash before him!

Dieb is sitting in the show, refusing to come. Rognar walks towards Dieb, trying to appeal to him.

Elessar thinks to himself that Dieb will go invisible and will surely run for it… The Elf hater will most likely go after Syb and kill his love! If he prepares, he will be able to track him.

Elassar casts “See invisibility” and this trigger’s Dieb’s move.

As expected, Dieb goes invisible. However, Elessar did not expect the traitor to come full speed at him with blood in his eyes. Elessar is caught off guard and suffers a massive blow from Dieb’s attack.

Elessar did see his Brother try to protect him, but everything was happening so quickly.

Dieb needed to subdued. Elessar moved away and casted “Glitterdust” on Dieb. This blinded Dieb and would have the added benefit of neutralizing his invisibility power. Then Elessar teleported out of harms way.

To Elessar’s surprise, he saw Dieb coming at him again. But How?!?!?! He’s supposed to blinded!
Yet again, Elessar suffers the wrath of Dieb and suffers additional wounds. It was clear that Dieb was not backing down and Elessar was fighting for his life. Rognar was doing his best also to take Dieb down.

Elessar had to stop Dieb from moving… Black tentacles!!! Dieb was snared and could no longer move or attack. Elessar finally thought it was over. The rest of the group would arrive soon to help sort things out.

But it wasn’t the end of it… No time to react! Rognar charged Elessar. There was no chance! The darkness started to take hold…

As Elessar’s body was falling, Elessar saw distant images of his Mother… Father….and Brother….

“ But Brother… I don’t understand… why? Syb… I love you! “


…The End.

My greatest battle ever (by Oz, the Faery Dragon)

My greatest battle ever (by Oz)

I told Boss about the Linnorm in the dwarves ruins. Don’t think he liked the idea of going there.
I told Boss about the naked lov..eur Dryads… Don’t think he likes the idea of going there either.
Gotta find something Boss will like… Gotta think! Gotta think!


On the river, Boss asked me to investigate the boat. I went to see and reported back nothing there. Nobody… Nothing to eat… Kind of weird that the boat was not moving considering the river moves. No fish either! Boss said to keep moving… So we kept moving!

[…more time passed]

We see another boat thingy… Boss wanted to go see the nice lady, but the lady in the water ended up being this humongous fish. Miam! But the large fishy was bad… Boss said not to try and eat it! Seems like it’s got some poison thingy and it touched my boss and his lady friend; as well as his brother. The boss and his family looked by a trio of delectable entrées to a main course. Oh man! What I would do to take a bite out of Boss … He looks sooo….delectable…delicious! My mouth waters just at the thought…. No! He’s my boss! My friend now… Maybe just a lick..later!

[…and more time passed]

This place looks kinda familiar…. Ah ha! YES! This is were I lost it. They took it from me. I know what I can do for Boss. My precious stone! They took it and I think Boss could help me get it back. Boss will see how nice my bestest stone ever is. I’m sure he’ll really love it! I’m sure if I tell boss about it, he’ll help!

Oh grand joy! Boss and his friends agree to help me find my most beautiful stone ever. It’s only like a day away… Not too far! The nasty ones that took it are not that many. You guys can easily deal with them… No problems! They’re not far, I swear!

[…at the creature’s supposed camp]

I swear they’re supposed to be here…. They’re usually right here, but they’re not now! I know this other place where they can be… We can go tomorrow! It’s not far…. Not far at all! We can sleep here and go tomorrow….

[…while the group is sleeping]

Dragonsshittle…. I think Boss isn’t too happy the creatures not here. I’ll go check for them! Show Boss I can get things done too. I’ll go check! They won’t miss me and everything’s going to be good in the morning. I’ll be able to tell ‘em where they are. After all, Boss always sends me scouting and checking for him! I’m sure it will be all fine!

[… and Oz flies off while everyone else sleeps]

[… a couple of hours into the night.. more time passes… During someone’s watch]

Wake up guys, wake up! I found them for you! They’re coming…

I did good! Not only did I find ‘em, I brought them to Boss! Now he won’t have to go looking for them. Now they just need to help me get it back… My precious stone! Like I thought, Boss’ family friends can take care of them. Good thing I was there through to slow bad dudes with my grease magic! Give my friends some time! HA! Take that…. Mess with Oz will you? Not anymore! Oz has friends now!

But woahh! Boss’ in trouble. The big bad dude on the flyer is like too close to my boss. And there’s another big bag dude in front of Boss. Time to work my magic! Flying bad dude… trajectory north by est-west… steady.. aim for the saddle thingy. Bouyyaaa! Right on it! See if the big bad dude flyer can hang on all greased up! Hehehe. And as calculated, he drops from like 300 feet and lands directly on the other big bad dude that was about to cut up my poor master. Double wammy! Damb I’m good! I don’t know what master and his friends would do without me. The Great Oz saves the day again!

Found my precious smooth stylish stone. See boss how great the stone looks! No one’s stealing this little baby from me anymore…. [Oz swallows the stone]

Boss looks a little confused…. probably shaken up from the epic battle! I’m sure he’s happy to see I got my stone back and I helped save the day and everything!

Travels North, towards the coast (Elessar's point of vue)

It’s clear we cannot go back to the dwarven ruins. They are infested by dark gnomes who will not hesitate to kill us on site. The large complex of ruins west of the sprites is another possibility, but my little friend Oz tells us he’s heard stories they’re home to a linnorm, a great ancient best that we should not mess with. That leaves only one option: we move north and stick to my original plan.

Although our new friend Valdic seems to be fitting in well nicely, I still think it’s prudent to keep an eye on him. He hasn’t proven himself like Syb has.

Based on information from our native friends, we decide to make our way towards a river that could help us speed up our travel. We just have to be careful to stick to the west side because the est is drow territory and Syb does not recommend entering it.

After a couple of days, or is it weeks… I don’t know anymore, I’ve stopped counting! Where was I? Oh yes, we found the river. We made camp! Under my guidance, we took the rest of the day and built a couple of rafts.

The following morning, we took the rafts to the river and made huge progress. I must say it was nice to put up our feet and not have to walk for a while.

Our travels on the river was going smoothly and more time passed… That is until we encountered that boat. On the Est side of the bank, we saw an empty barque. It was just sitting there in the middle of the river; not moving. I immediately suspected an ambush; maybe drows! I sent in Oz to investigate. He turned invisible and reported back that the barque was indeed empty, but it looked like it was caught on something, but he could not see. There was nothing near it and the coast looked clear. I made the decision to keep going! No need to look for trouble here.

More time past on the river… Things are going smoothly! I can’t notice that is usually when things start going horribly wrong. And with that though, up in the distance, we see on the river another boat occupied by a woman, with long blond hair. She sees us and waves to us. I didn’t catch all the words she spoke, but it was evident she wanted to meet with us. She seemed nice enough so I direct her to move towards the bank so we can meet up.

That’s when everything started going horribly wrong… again! We saw something in the water quickly moving towards her. Then a tentacle or something came out of the water, grabbed the women and dragged her under. My immediate reaction was to go help her and judging by the rest of the group’s reaction, it was clear we had to do something.

Syb casted “walk on water” on the group. My brother valiantly charged in and I tried to follow, but he was faster than me. Our whole was not far behind. We faced a huge creature that was half fish, half octopus. I could not see the woman anymore! I saw my brother’s face fill with rage, and looked like he was about to direct his anger towards me. Then I was overcome with a feeling to attack and kill my friends. Lady luck was on our side; our strong will prevailed and we shrugged off the compulsion.
One of the huge creature’s tentacle hit my brother … Then I noticed Syb was also near by Bro.

I realized the woman we were trying to save was a gone and that our group was in a very bad situation. I gave the order to retreat.

I tried to divert the beast’s attention by casting a fireball. The spell exploded and boiled the river into hot steam which bought a little time. Half the group was making their way towards the bank… The creature then hit me and I was affected by some sort of affliction. My skin started to change I didn’t feel good. My brother seemed to be affected also.

I don’t know if my brother heard me or not, but it’s clear he wasn’t retreating. I saw Syb cast another spell on my brother and dispel the water walk. Eodum wasn’t retreating either. Our new gnome friend wasn’t backing down either. <sigh> So we had to fight on! It took a while, but finally brought the beast down. Rognar finally realized that the beautiful blond he wanted to rescue was only an illusion. We picked ourselves up and made our way to the bank. We decided to spend the night. Rognar, Syb and I were affected by some sort of decease. I felt weak. Our flesh had changed to the consistency of a fish and we were compelled to stay in the water. I don’t know what Oz was thinking, but he kept looking at me funny and licking his lips. The night was not pleasant one!

The following morning, Urbir and his god helped the team recover. I was glad to be myself again.

Oz told me he recognized the place, and to the west, there was a tribe of creatures that had taken a precious stone from him. It seemed very important to him. I kept arguing with Oz that it’s just a stone and I’m sure he could find another pet rock somewhere else. Oz kept insisting so I made a deal with him. I would present his case to the group and we would decide together.

I explained that a group of creatures had stolen a valuable gem like rock from Oz, and that they were not far from here, and that Oz wanted his valuable stone back. I told the group that since it’s not very far and it’s about righting a wrong, we could maybe help the little one. This was a group decision! Some of the group were willing to help; others seem indifferent, and others stayed silent. Group majority did not seem to object, so we decided to help Oz.

Oz explained there was about 7 or 8 creatures and he felt we could take them on. They were ogre like creatures and cannibals. Valdic knew the creatures well and considered them abominations and they should be destroyed. According to Oz, their camp was only a day or so way from here.

It took a little longer than expected, but we finally reached our destination. Unfortunately, the creatures were not found anywere. Oz said he knew another place and if we camped here for the night, we could go check it out in the morning. I wasn’t pleased with the idea, but we’ve already travelled this far. Decision was made to make camp and rest up.

During the night, we were ambushed. Attacked by about ten creatures. One of them was riding a hippogriff or something. I was pleasantly surprised how the group finally worked together and fight the assailants. My brother Rognar and Urbir took down many of the creatures. Eodum’s pistols were true to their mark. Syb, Valdic, Urbir and I were efficiently casting spells. Dieb did what he did best, and quickly went after one of them that tried to escape and dispatched it. Even my little buddy Oz had his impressive moment when greased the saddle of the creature on the hippogriff. It was a thing of beauty to see the ridder drop from 25-30 feet and land directly on top of one of his companions.

After killing the bunch, Oz went over to one of the creatures and quickly prompted that he had found his valuable stone. He was very anxious to show it me. Oz flew up close, in his tiny hands, I could see the stone: “See Boss… Didn’t I tel you is was the nicest stone you have ever seen!”… Just as I was reaching out to pick it up and take a look at it, Oz swallowed the stone in a quick gulp. Flabbergasted… No words! All I could do is let out a long breath of sorrow. I can’t believe after all this that the little imp swallowed the stone.

No point in making a huge case of this… May as well head back to the river and continue our trek towards the drow refugees and towards the coast.


Dieb ramble

Well, the caves and those little gnomes where far away. Going north west toward the refugee camp of drow was the destination. We made rafts to go faster on the river. Well river monster are as bad as some on the good old earth. This big fish trying to get us in a trap worked only because our leader and his brother of his rushed towards and helpless illusion. Go attacked but this thing, a fish 30 feet large and with tentacles long enough to whip us from almost 25 feet. Well for once our fearless leader gave an order: flee! How! I was surprised and I did my part and obeyed it. Beside Urbir no one else listen.

So what good is a leader if no body listen… anyway Rognar swimming to that fish killed it with the help of the efficient Eodum and her pistols. The funny part is the disease that Rognar and Elessar got. They had to be in water because of their skin transformed into some scaly fishy flesh. That was funny, stuck in freezing water… Urbir fixed it the next day and we could continue our way.

After a couple more days the dragon convinced our fearless leader to go out of our way to hunt a bad of semi-ogre thing that had stolen a rock from him. What a waste of time. But, when we found them they didn’t even were hard to kill, I killed 3 myself. Rognar, I am not sure how managed again to almost die from those little buggers. O well. But we manage to recover the stone and the dragon showed it very quickly to his master and then ate it, so all this trouble for food? Wow I am more and more impressed with this leader and dragon (eyes rolling)!

Well we will be on our way and arrive somewhere eventually…

Valldric's dream....

He was walking through the caves of his people’s settlement talking to someone, about what he couldn’t remember. They stopped when Knick-Knack hailed them and began to berate them, something he generally wouldn’t do alone…he wasn’t alone.
Valldric tried to smooth things out, they’d never seen eye to eye on anything, but he was sure they both valued their people. Knick-Knack grew more combative and aggressive, unwilling to see any of the points Valldric was making. It was just then that Valldric saw the pistol raise up past his eyeline and over his head – then the report of the shot and his life changed.
In the end he knew his relationship with Knick-Knack wasn’t going to end well, and it didn’t. Valldric emerged bloody and nearly dead, Knick-Knack completely dead.
Before he could even think clearly he was off being healed on the run as he and the outsiders made a quick exit from the Deep Gnome settlement. As he shuffled along at first leading and then following, Valldric took account of the complete firestorm his life was now in, possibly beyond repair. The mending and repairing of his life, if even possible was currently beyond his thinking.

It was at this point he woke up, opening a eye looking over at the campfire thankful it had only been a dream. The sound that had woken him came again louder and nearer than before.

“Attack!!! Stand and fight!!!!”

Rognar bellowed that phrase again and charged into combat.

Valldric realized very quickly where he was and with whom he was with. His heart sank as he realized he hadn’t be dreaming per se, but remembering. Those events had really happened and he was completed screwed and also under attack. The sound of footsteps grew louder and he instinctively rolled over onto his hands and knees and became a giant porcupine the size of a small pony. Whoever these attackers were, he was now fully awake, covered in spiny quills and incredibly pissed off.

What the fuck

Floating down the River , bien sagement .. enjoing the ride… au loing qui on voie .. une tres jolie demoiselle Blonde …seul sur un radeau … elle semble nous envoyer la main … avec une grand entousiasme je lui repond …
on ce dirige dans sa direction et qu’est-ce qu’on voie…. une grosse ombre ce dirigant vers elle , On ce depèche a la ratraper et soudain on apersois une grosse tantacule jaillir de l ’eau et attraper la belle Blonde …

ELLE EST EN DANGER !!!! Siboulette nous cast un sort pour marcher sur l eau..
RUN RUN RUN !!! … Je cour dnas la direction de la creature, quand soudais tout a cout …. je marrete brusquement .. et j ai une etrange envie de tuer mon frere … je me retourne et dans sa direction et quelque seconde apres je revien a la raison .. ouf what a strange fealing !!!!

so on l attaque , elle nous attaque elle aussi bien sur , … JE DOIT SAUVER LA BELLE BLONDE !!!

Siboulette me caste 2 sort que je puisse reussi a l atttauer sous l eau pendant que les autre tante de regagner la rive sous l ordre de mon frere….
To bad je doit sauver la belle Blonde ….

aller hop je m approcher et ouf … elle m attaque et reussi a me couvrir d une drole de glue … je reussi quand meme a la descendre , apres quelque temps j ai la peau qui devien come un poison … ich !! , faut rester d en l eau car je sui pas bien …

de plus pour respirer je doit rester dans l eau … c est quoi ca . mon frere a le meme probleme , il a du etre toucher lui aussi .

What a fuking day , apres quelque heure on redevien normal …
What the fuck was that …
apres conclusion la blonde etait juste une illusion , un leur pour nous attirer … ca la marcher pas a peut pres .. good do i miss those girl back home


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