Sorcerer to chaotize everyone !


You know that Verruckt is a sorcerer of some talent. He is very charismatic when he wants to but he often lacks the secong though of the sage ones when acting.

He is often dress is colorfull shirt often int the red and orange spectrum. Always dark pents and high boots. When he can he wears a dark green cloak over his solder.

It is obvious that his main motive is get richer, why is obscure to you at this time.

One of his habits that you have easily figure out is that he is obsess with looking around, stop and check everyone in a new place then he acts normally. IT is obvious he is looking for someone or something….


Verruckt the Chaotizer was born in Ongus, the capital of Albonie on the South of the Elleslande Isle. Verruckt had a turbulant youth and was the bully of his neighboorhood. But was even more alarming for his parents, who were grocers by trade, was that Verruckt, their only child, was not showing any interest in eventually taking over the family business. Eventually they came to the realization that part of their teen rowdy behavior was due to his dissatisfaction with his situation. Verruckt parents decided to use their life saving to send him learn magic under Myrkyn, a erudite wizard/sorcerer up north living in a castle on the coast of Albonie.

Myrkyn was a very reputable teacher and sought after mentor. He only took 5-6 students at a time. To be accepted as student, candidates had to pass a stringent number of test to determine a candidate potential and affinity with magic. Verruckt passed the test with no problem and quickly established himself as one of the most gifted students currently under the old wizard tutelage. Myrkyn was a wizard first and foremost but he was well versed Wild Magic. He took Verruckt under his wing and taught him on how to use his emotion and anger to unleash powerful energies and twist the fabric of space to «wield chaos». This caused him to gain the enmity of a fellow student, Ward Mondain. Ward was a prodigy of his own right, frequently butted heads with Verruckt to established his superiority to prove his worth to Myrkyn. Ward would narrowly best Verruckt in their contest almost all the time. However that was not due to Ward superior capacity but simply because he had more training. Ward was older than Verruckt by 3 years and he had started his training at a few years younger than him. Still Verruckt made every effort to try to overcome this «5-years knowledge gap» even if he was facing impossible odds. Myrkyn never interfered in this rivalry and might even have fostered it by playing favorite with one or another to fan the flames of jalousy between the two students.

Just before Ward graduated and left Myrkyn tutelage, Ward dueled Verruckt one last time. Ward won narrowly, has it was often the case, and taunted Verruckt: «Tomorow, Myrkyn hands me my staff and I shall depart explore the world. When I return, your training will be complete and we will face again as equals. On that day, we will finally know who is the best between the two of us.»

5 years has passed since that day, Myrkyn completed Verruckt training. As he parted with his former master, Myrkin told him: «I have taught you all you need to know, Verruckt. As a chaos wielder, you can harness powerful energies and bend it to your will. But always be careful to not let such powers consume you! Now go, it is up to you to leave your mark on the world and carve your own fortune.»

For all these years Verruckt has been cloistered in Myrkyn estate with no contact with the distractions and politics of the outside world. Verruckt departed north to Clyster, the largest city in the region, determined to make a name for himself… and drink his first beer in 10 years!


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