Gnome Wizard - Illusionist


Give me the road or a den of ill repute instead of a musty library any day.

Honestly, I don’t see what the point of learning all these spells if you just stay in a library and never use them.

I’ve watched wizards spend decades research ONE aspect of magic. I mean what’s the point of all that knowledge, all that … POWER if you don’t use it?

My obsession with phantasms also didn’t exactly make me well liked … everyone was suspicious of me of course … not that they didn’t have a good reason for it of course but still … made things rather stressful.

As soon as I had what I needed from that festering pit of entropy, I gathered my meager possessions and made my way into the world. To USE what I’d learned.

People are so gullible

It is difficult for laymen to differentiate between fact and fiction, be it magical or simply the spoken word. Who needs to work when gold can be temporarily doubled, when the simple minded can be tricked out of their riches?

The pain of broken leg.

When you gamble with fake gold, make sure you aren’t playing against a someone with ties with a powerful criminal element.

Juicy News

So the criminal element has conspired against the Baron ..


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