Dieb Sabel

Tall, slim, not muscular


“I love elves! As long as they are made into a nice carpet for my feet out of bed…”

Level 8 Rogue (sharp shooter)

Vital Stats
Str: 11
Dx: 21
Con: 15
Int: 11
Wis: 10
Char: 8

HP: 62 (-1 for cold non-lethal dmg each day)
Save: 7; +11; +3
AC: 21 (touch 17)
Speed: 40 Init: +10
BAB: +6, +1
Rapier: +13, +8 (18-20*2), D6
Kukri: +11, +6 (18-20*2), D4
Short Bow: (RI 60ft) +11, +6 (20*3), D6
Acid Splash: (Max Range 45ft), range touch +10 (20*2), D3

Racial and Trait
Well I am human… +1 feat!
Tactician and backstabber… and I hate elves but, shuchhhh it is a secret!

Class abilities
Wait, read through there’s a lot…

  • Finess training (rapier)
  • Sneak attack (+3D6)
  • Evasion
  • Rogue Talent: minor magic (acid blast @ will)
  • Rogue Talent: major Magic (Vanish 3/d)
  • Trap Sense +2
  • Debilitating strike
  • Uncanny dodge
  • Rogue edge: Acrobatics
  • Rogue Talent: Expert Leaper
  • Rogue Talent: Combat feat

Weapon focus (rapier), Dodge, mobility, spring attack, improved initiative, nimble move


  • Acrobatics (+unchained) +16
  • Appraise +4
  • Bluff +9
  • Climb +11
  • Diplomacy -1
  • Disable Device +9
  • Disguise -1
  • Escape Artist +9
  • Fly +5
  • Heal +2
  • Intimidate -1
  • Knowledge (dungeoneering) +4
  • Linguistics +6
  • Perception +11
  • Ride +9
  • Sense Motive +11
  • Sleight of Hand +12
  • Stealth +16
  • Survival +5
  • Swim +5
  • Use Magic Device +5

Important Equipment
cloak of protection +1, amulet of natural AC +2, rapier, kukri, bow and arrows, caltrops, alchemist fires (3), everburning torch, food for 3 days.


You see coming towards you a relatively tall male human with dark hair, light colored eyes more grey than anything and pale skin. His gait seems to indicate that he is not from close around. He wears what looks like adventurer’s clothing and high boots. At his side there is a rapier and also a weird curved dagger.

He does seem out of place and little bit suspicious of everything and everyone…

Dieb has been living before this trek into feywilderness on a border kingdom. He was raised with the family standard of perfection and common sense where human are good and elves greedy, sneaky and not trust worthy, well we called them gollomite, a term derived from an ancient legend of a greedy elf brought down from normal (as if…) to an evil sneaking little weasel seeking his powerful artifact – a ring :0

He was ask, as his family most talented and available body, to show up to the call of Sariel. his father insisted that he must preserve family honor and rightfulness… Well we know now where this got him…

Dieb Sabel

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