Kallum - Goliath Fighter

Large, getting slightly faster and very deadly.


Str. 18 +4
Dex. 12 +1
Con. 17 +3
Int. 10
Wis. 10
Cha. 10

Class – Fighter 4th Level – Barbarian 1st

Initiative: + 5 Saves: Fort. +9, Ref. +2, Will +1

AC: 17 (Rhino Hide +2d6 damage to charge attacks)

HP: 52 Movement: 30 ft., 6 squares – as of 3rd level he moves full speed in Medium Armor, Alignment: Neutral Good

Weapons: 2 Large Greatsword (Peacemaker) +12 dmg – 3d610 Crit – 19-20 X2

Feats – Weapon Focus – Greatsword, Power Attack, Cleave, Shield of Swings, Improved Initiative, Weapon Specialization – Greatsword

Skills – Intim. +8, Climb +10,Perception +5, Survival +5

Languages: Common, Giant


Bonded by his Oath to another…he’s not entirely pleased as the actions leading to the Oath were not his. However, he does what he is told by his people…dutiful of his people’s honor and the honor of those above him.
While he might be a bit pissed about the position he’s been put in, he will fully honor every thing he swore to protecting those he guards with his life if need be.

He’s almost 7 feet tall and over 300 pounds, he wears a suit of grey hide armor over his grey mottled skin. It’s a very dull palette of colours with Kallum, as he favors no bright colours keeping things in line with the scenery of the stony mountain peaks around which he was raised. This along with his grey cloak and grey leather pack make for a rather imposing and colourless figure.

Wields a Large Greatsword (Peacemaker), with which he keeps things peaceful.

Kallum - Goliath Fighter

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