Terres des Légendes

[50th game of Terre des Légendes : Error in Game, please restart...] Dieb Wins ?!?

“Darkness, still more darkness and then consciousness, what is going on? Slowly opening my eyes, there is light. Heaven should not feel like this, cold in the back, hurt all over flickering light like a torch, a bearded face leaning over mine and wait! What’s that my hands are tied? What is going on?”

“Ha yes I remember, the slave master elf decided finally to act, and maybe show some spine to his back. I remember clearly that weasel bastard casting a spell that was my true answer, my signal to decide if I got after the whore or the sweat heartless gigolo close by. Well the answer is easy, let’s first get the slave master and then go for the bitch and make her believe he sacrificed her for his hide… that sounds like plan… Let’s do it!”

As soon as the casting of Elessar was started, Dieb used his habilities to disappeared, move swiftly some distance behind him to get a good first blow. Rognar was surprise by the instant reaction and quickness of action, Elessar was ready but yet did not move fast enough for Dieb. Rognar closed in on his brother to protect him from Deib but could not see him, Elessar saw the Dieb move focusing all his resentment in his blade trust between his ribs for a serious blow that was almost immediately punished by Rognar two-handed strike. And then Dieb move away.

Elessar countered by glitterdusting Dieb, blinding him in the process. Dieb avoided Rognar attack and moved away again ready to strike again at Elessar for a next pass. Elassar sent black tentacles in Deib area and their grabbed him. Deib did not see Rognar charge his brother and slap him hard in an attempt to stop the fight. Trying to free himself and failing Dieb was raging for action when the tentacle let go of Dieb. Elessar ordering his brother to stop prepared yet another spell but was surprise when Rognar took the opportunity to swing his sword and stun him enough to stop his casting and dropped him to the ground unconscious. Deib took the opportunity to move and stab Elessar on the ground. We was then slash hard by Rognar’s blade and also dropped to the ground.

Rognar had what he wanted, the two opponent could not continue the fight. But first he must neutralize Dieb, how to do that? Let remove his blade and then we will see… Taking the blade, Rognar started to hear voices: “issssss not and elf, isssss we want elf to die! Issss kill him! Kill the elf, Finisssssh him!” Fighting a losing battle to keep control of his mind and body, Astyanax won. Rognar becoming the puppet of the sword started to inflict injuries upon injuries on the fallen corpse of his brother until there was no hope of rescue and lifesaving. Then, knowing there was a drow on the run he started to go get help from his companion at the camp site.

They did not need long to meet, to understand the nature of Dieb weapon’s. They toss it and came to the gruesome scene: two body, bloodied and dead. Urbir looked at Elessar and confirmed his passing away. The same was not true with Dieb, we was still barely alive and was brought back to the land of the living by healing magic…

“Now I remember most of want happened. I smile, I look at Elessar dead form, Ha! At least one thing worked, the annoying elf is dead and my sword got what it wanted, to taste his life fluids! Now it is my turn, Eodum, Urbir and mainly Rognar will certainly kill me shortly… Let’s hope my honor duel will be remembered and taken into account in my judgment. But I am at peace with myself, I did my best, one against two and so far I prevailed, my family can be proud of their son…”


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