Terres des Légendes

A Dark Bargain...

Durindar was the most mischievous, audacious elf he had met. Always up for a new dare or adventure. Replacing the fomorian chieftain magic pendant with a necklace of flower seemed a good idea at the time. It would have been the perfect prank! He still remembers Durindar look of horror when his unfortunate sneeze cut their heist short. Apparently, the chieftain did not share their sense of humor.

He remembered Kinded generosity. And her fishcakes! The best of the Feywild, no doubt! Industrious to a fault, the old gnome took her role of apothecary very seriously and would routinely worked herself sick preparing various salves and tonics. He had tried to prepare an elixir for her sickness. He was pretty sure he knew how to prepare the potion, he had saw her make it countless time… It made it all the more surprising when the lab blew up.

They had started on the wrong foot but, if truth be known, he was a bit to blame to associate with someone so tasty. Very sensitive, with not an ounce of malice in him, that Ellesar. Generous with the fishes too. Speaking of fishes, the eladrin seemed a bit like one out of water in the Feywild at times. Clearly he needed him to stay out of trouble. Alas, tragedy struck again. What rotten luck!

Then something happened. He had enough. It would be the last time a friend died on Oz’s watch!

Everyone had given up on Ellesar. But not him! He knew who to turn to.

Sybellinth would fix everything.


Sybellinth listened to Oz’s story intently. How Rognar killed Ellesar, how the group spared Dieb life and how they left Ellesar behind. She was profoundly shocked but not grieving. As Oz had hoped, it did not take her long to think of a plan.

Sybellinth explained that the reagents required to bring someone back to life were rare and onerous, including, amongst other things, a diamond of great value which served as the spell’s catalyst. Sybellinth assured she had a way to obtain them. But it would neither be easy or elegant.

Sybellinth rummaged through vials she kept in her backpack. She finally pulled one and examined it with a wry grin.

«A woman’s greatest weapon…»

«Poison?» asked Oz, feeling uneasy at the implications.

Sybellinth looked at him in eyes, suddenly serious.



Vass was in his tent sitting by a rudimentary table surveying maps, plotting possible route for the caravan while listening to his daughter’s plea. Standing a short distance behind him, Sybellinth made her case.

A powerful wizard who fell in love with her was now slain and abandoned by his comrade. He could be used as token of good faith to the court of the Dökkálfar. He could teach languages of the Eladrins to him and those under his command, giving them an edge over the other factions that did not possess Quentil or Lughwydh speakers.

Vass was unmoved by her arguments. The man would not be swayed thus.

Sybellinth closed the distance and started to kiss Vass’ shoulder softly, slowly working her way up his neck.

«This… Ellesar. What is he to you?» inquired Vass, amused.

Sybellinth’s reply came as a whisper: «An asset to our cause, master…»


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