Terres des Légendes


Valldric was certainly out of his element, the inner workings of a magical tower were not something he was familiar or comfortable with.
He looked down the long hallway and continued to walk and walk, a doorway soon appeared and in desperation he opened it looking for a way out. The deep gnome was met with a torrent of the black goo that now had forced the door opened and filled the hall behind them, they must moved forward.
The laughing musical voice drew them onwards and a huge library lay thru a open archway. He entered and seeing it safe, at least in the area he stood he beckoned the others in. In among the rows of shelving a large statute stood and it was from the statue’s mouth the voice was coming. He had no clue who the elvish woman was, but he was told it was a god who wouldn’t be out of place in a library such as this.
Valldric was then shocked when the voice which had been pleasant and melodic screamed and the gunslinger ran as fast as she could away from them. The dwarf and gnome did attempt to catch her, but she was much faster and fled down a hallway. Shots ran out and the sounds of combat drew them on, they found her beset by demons of some sort and engaged them.
In the end they’d killed a few, but the main problem was the damn demonic woman friend of the Mage. She’d been pulling the strings on the demons who’d beset them and just when things were going to get interesting the Mage appeared.
He wasn’t pleased with her, and to quell things he booted the three of them outside and Valldric found himself outside still rather confused with the way things had gone. He’d no doubt the Mage would remember them, but he was pretty sure it wouldn’t be fondly.

Looking at the other two, “Well, we are alive which isn’t a small thing…however we are missing the others who are either quite dead, or are wondering where we went. If they’d been inside they’d of likely been given the boot here, but since they are no where to be found…we will have to track those fools down ourselves. I’m keen for a good nights sleep, but any headway we can make now is one step closer to finding those idiots. I’d also like to not be anywhere near this bloody tower, distance seems to be helpful dealing with him and I would advise putting some between us and him.”


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