Terres des Légendes

Earth Elementals are easy...

Valldric took a drink from the earthen pitcher on the table. He’d come in after the Mage had given them some assorted items, with a terrible thirst. It was likely a result of the tower and its unnatural nature with the moving rooms. A clever design and interesting, but to him rather unnerving as stone was suppose to stay where it was. It wasn’t suppose to be allowed to be other places.
Finishing his water he muttered he’d get over it as it wasn’t really that big a deal in the scheme of things. He then heard a faint and muffled yell of a couple garbled syllables. It sounded like a woman, and it sounded urgent so he would check it out.
Turning he saw the oozing of a black substance under the door, blocking the way out. It wasn’t a proper ooze, but something more arcane in nature. He’d most certainly not touch it to find out. Valldric turned into a giant cave gecko and climbed the wall of to the next level and gathered his things. It was at a time like this that he commended himself on traveling light.
Now a gecko again he tried the door and cursed himself for being so foolish when the solution was right in front of him.
A small brown and block like earth elemental passed through the wall into the outside corridor and it paused looking around. Valldric was thankfull for the form, but not so pleased about the inability to speak. This could cause some problems, as the gunslinging woman was the only other member he shared a common language with.
Looking around he moved down the corridor and turned to face a goat-headed woman who passed by more concerned with the doors, that now showed brick walls where rooms had been but minutes ago. Valldric didn’t understand what had happened but as the goat-headed woman explored about he followed. A turn around yet another corner brought them in front of a portal of some sort hovering in the hall filling it from side to side. That wasn’t a problem, what came out of the portal was. Goat-headed creatures not nearly as friendly as the one he followed poured into the hallways.
His spells allowed him a cushion from direct confrontation, so Valldric was protected in a way. Then it was following the yelling and listening for fighting that brought him to the crusty dwarven priest and the one the gnome suspected of being the gun-toting woman who’d caused Valldric a great deal of personal turmoil.
She spoke and Valldric was now sure, the gun firing in the enclosed space helped confirm his guess. The fighting went on the the priest doing a great job thinning the herd, but the still came on. Until a doorway finally showed something other than a brick wall behind it. All three went through and threw themselves against the door and listened. It was silent now and opening the door showed a hallway much like the one they had just left, but likely not the same one. The little druid’s mind boggled at the skill and power needed to affect this, but a woman’s manic laughter echoed from somewhere to the left of them. The stone structure they were in had found yet another way to engage them, the laughter was most definitely dangerous, but it might also provide answers to where they were and want was happening. After a promise of safety their host was no where to be seen, it was possible he was dealing with a similar threat right now which would explain his absence. In any case the three of them headed down seeking out the owner of the laughing woman’s voice.


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