Terres des Légendes

Elessar’s last moment

Elessar’s last moment

Elessar glympses from the corner of his eyes and sees his brother charging towards him…
Rognar strikes his brother with the pomel of his greatsword.

Elessar shouts out: “ BROTHER?!?!?! What are you doing? “ In the middle of the battle field, between Dieb and his brother, time suddenly slows down for Elessar. His face has a look of disbelief and confusion.

Rognar delivers a second blow to his beloved brother.

Light fading… The darkness moves in… Everything slower now… Elessar is falling towards the ground!

A bright light… Memories of Elessar’s last moments flash before him!

Dieb is sitting in the show, refusing to come. Rognar walks towards Dieb, trying to appeal to him.

Elessar thinks to himself that Dieb will go invisible and will surely run for it… The Elf hater will most likely go after Syb and kill his love! If he prepares, he will be able to track him.

Elassar casts “See invisibility” and this trigger’s Dieb’s move.

As expected, Dieb goes invisible. However, Elessar did not expect the traitor to come full speed at him with blood in his eyes. Elessar is caught off guard and suffers a massive blow from Dieb’s attack.

Elessar did see his Brother try to protect him, but everything was happening so quickly.

Dieb needed to subdued. Elessar moved away and casted “Glitterdust” on Dieb. This blinded Dieb and would have the added benefit of neutralizing his invisibility power. Then Elessar teleported out of harms way.

To Elessar’s surprise, he saw Dieb coming at him again. But How?!?!?! He’s supposed to blinded!
Yet again, Elessar suffers the wrath of Dieb and suffers additional wounds. It was clear that Dieb was not backing down and Elessar was fighting for his life. Rognar was doing his best also to take Dieb down.

Elessar had to stop Dieb from moving… Black tentacles!!! Dieb was snared and could no longer move or attack. Elessar finally thought it was over. The rest of the group would arrive soon to help sort things out.

But it wasn’t the end of it… No time to react! Rognar charged Elessar. There was no chance! The darkness started to take hold…

As Elessar’s body was falling, Elessar saw distant images of his Mother… Father….and Brother….

“ But Brother… I don’t understand… why? Syb… I love you! “


…The End.


I’m Dieb and gonna win! Wait I did won! :)

Elessar’s last moment
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