Terres des Légendes

Fading footsteps

The last few days after the death of Elessar, I think I feel something creeping and spying on me. Every time I look around it seems I see a shadow hiding somewhere, a bird looking at me just before flying away, even the few grass strand out of the snow seemed to shy away from me. The ground looks harder and feels colder, when I try to light the fire it is as if the wood starts reluctantly compare to the others. I think something is sneaking on me, creeping just out of sight on purpose and the only explanation I can reach logically is that this land is hunting me and making me go crazy, well it is not working yet.

Today we fought some swap things, I am sure that this place helped them, given them more protection than normal swamp plants. I am sure now that the land is against us, if not only against me, but it is just an elf that is dead, and I didn’t even kill it! It should go for Rognar, not me…

Sleeping on the frozen ground, I heard stump and slushing in the half frozen and hard ground. These steps are in cadence, there are many moving in steps and humming a litany that I am not sure I want to understand. Looking around, I see that all are asleep but present. Not again, no watchers – wait, there are watchers, what are those things? Giant trees surrounding the camp! I can see their sickly greenish eyes that are like swelling wounds, their mount gapping and showing wooden teeth bloodied with what? I don’t know but blood is trickling down their trunk. Freakish small and long arms ending in four twiggy fingers hands trying to grasp at me, they are still humming this song that I don’t know, that I don’t care to know nor understand… This must be a dream…

Now I am standing up, rapier in hands, ready to face these trees or monster? How my sword got into my hands? Well I don’t care I am ready to fight, I’ll cut them down one by one and if takes me all night, then so be it. I am alone in their circle. Ha, that crow is there on their branch that serves as hair, and is cracking is pleasure at seeing me, he is calling is friend, I am sure of it, to feast on my body once I am crushed by these giant trunk. Well I am ready, let’s cut them down splinter by splinter!

Then, sneaky bastard! They trapped me with their roots, my feet can move, their sickly white and brown roots are slowly grasping me more and more, going up my legs! I’m trapped! I am slashing with my rapier, I am screaming my horror and for help, but my screams are only echoed by the bouncing sounds of them around the trees. Then, their roots start digging a hole just before my eyes; the hole is big enough for me and very deep. The roots are not up to my chest; I can barely move my arms and swing my rapier. I know I am being dragged into the hole, I know my fate, these trees will bury me alive! At least have the decency to kill me outright! Bunch of wuss!

I am being dragged to the bottom of this endless pit still held by the roots. It is then I know understand the song they are signing:

Killer of fey, killer of fey,
You are not welcome anymore,
You are not neutral anymore,
Killer, not more hearsay.

Die, die you must,
Your sword and you,
Your body will be dust,
Down the bottom with you.

They are signing over and over again, not stopping and the song seem to take a happier note the more I got down in the hole and then slowly it is being filled with dirt. But what is that, a visage, yes someone may yet help me! Wait, it’s smiling, what is it, who it is? I know this face! Syb! My last sight was her pouring dirt in my face laughing! I am dead, or will soon be…

Gasping in horror, sitting upright from my bed camp, what a nightmare! But wait, I have my sword in hand, what is going on? I look around and I see the trees close by, signing. I start screaming but a root got into my mount and stopped it, many of them have already grapple my body and are truly dragging my into the earth. I scream, move, and try to fight. I look directly in the eyes of Valldric that looks sleeping on his feet during his watch and not noticing anything… I am fading into the frozen ground, at least I am with my trusted blade in my last moment before going out of this world into the next…

On the ground, only a bow is left. There are signs of struggle but most of Dieb’s stuff is missing or destroyed. Amongst the pieces many small roots are seemingly trying to turn to dust anything that was Dieb’s.


Nicely done. hummm… What power could have done that?
Looks like Oz called in some favors with the Dryads… :D

Fading footsteps

It’s all a dream, right? RIGHT?

Fading footsteps
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