Terres des Légendes


Valldric looked about the mage’s tower, it wasn’t a cave but seemed nice enough he supposed. Surface dwellers did have a way of keeping themselves far too exposed, and it gave Valldric a paranoid tickle along his neck that he had gotten skilled at ignoring. This wasn’t a good thing he thought to himself, his people existed because of their skittish and self-protective ways and surpressing this trait in addition to his chosen career path had only seemed to make him trouble.
He needed a break so he found a spot where he could crawl in under a stairwell and sit with his back against stone and the comfort of confining spaces around him. Out of a pouch he produced some dried mushroom jerky and began to chew, mulling over the sideways direction his life had most recently taken.

Valldric sighed and chewed another piece and resigned himself to helping his people even if their short-sightedness and his “choice” of travelling companions killed him. He would make things safe again for his people, he wasn’t sure how but that information would come to him in time. He chewed a third piece of jerky and thought about how best to approach the Mage for information addressing his people’s concerns….


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