Terres des Légendes

Trying to make sense with the senseless...

Valldric needed to find the eleven wizard, and he was really hoping this rescue mission didn’t result in his death.

While the others waited over a mile away the owl glided quietly through the dark. It circled the selection of tents and slowly dropped down its altitude with each completed circle. It alighted on a tent and was suddenly gone, a cave mouse now moved across the top of the tent and was down one side as fast as it could go. Once on the bottom it looked in and not seeing the target headed towards a tent guarded by a stern looking drow.

Even from the outside a familiar enough snore told the mouse it was on the right track. Easily getting into the tent the mouse looked at the sleeping wizard, he was chained, but not to anything which perked up the mouse’s spirits. Without a sound the mouse vanished and Valldric was in its places. He confirmed to two were the small tents only occupants. He counted to three and cast his summoning.
A large earth elemental came bubbling out of the ground solidifying into a mass of rock. Valldric cast another summoning and a massive air elemental joined him in the shredded remains of tent. A rather surprised elf woken out of a deep sleep tried to roll away to safety, but Valldric had only time to command the elemental, the earth elemental was making a huge racket tearing tents and smashing drow.

Valldric disappeared and a small air elemental said something in a tongue the elf didn’t understand then he was unceremoniously grabbed up and shot up skyward fast than a horse could run. The little elemental moved with purpose as they rocketed across the sky, the elf’s yelling blending in with the yelling and chaos of the camp below as they moved away into the night.

Soon the elemental landed and the larger one dumped the elf before the other party member, the small elemental was gone and Valldric dismissed the large air elemental back to his plane.

“That went well! The drow will be pissed off to be sure, but I have one of our missing comrades, Rogar I couldn’t locate.” Valldric smiled at the other two and the manacled elf sat up immediately beginning to yell, “I must return, you’ve made a terrible mistake and have wrecked my plans with our allies!!!!”

At the mention of allies and the clear unwelcome tone of his successful rescue Valldric brought his handed up to his bald head and rubbed it with a pained expression on his face. It was clearly going to be a very long evening.


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