What are they?

Bounties are in-game rewards for out of game awesomeness. The idea is to make the game more fun for everyone. They are collected by players, not characters.

What do I do with them?

Affect the loot table in your favor. Pick a magic item you’d like and start accumulating bounties up until you hit earned its worth then the item makes its way in the next convenient treasure hoard.

The current value of bounties is 615 gp.

•Create a character page with stat block: 365 gp (flat rate)
◦Background: 365 gp (flat rate)
◦Portrait: 365 gp (flat rate)
◦Update with level: +1 bounty

•Write an in-character adventure log (max of one per game session, per player):
◦1 bounty (2 for awesome ones)

Current tally of bounties (as of 17-05-16):

JeStor: 7400 gp
Mordak: 1820 gp
Fran Horace: 6275 gp
Cardinalis: 1485 gp
Lionidas: 3097.5 gp
Elessar: 6895 gp

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