Court Mage for the Eladrin king. When the establishment of the human colony of Glisson polarized the Érevorn kingdom, Goriel attempted to reconcile those desirous to continue trade with the humans and those wishing to expel them by force. Goriel tried to maintain a neutral stance, refusing to be too identified with neither dove and hawkish factions.

Events however, showed that Goriel ultimate loyalty rested with King Édas and the doves rather than the hawks led by the elf Eldron, leader of the Elvaron’s vigil, the king personal guard. When he caught wind that the hawks were planned a palace coup, he secretly informed the king who fled to Glisson to flee the grasp his own personal guard. Unfortunatly the hawks made their move before the troops loyal to the king be mobilzed, burning glisson to the ground, where Édas alledgedly perished and installing Doron, the king nephew as a puppet ruler.

The dove faction was thereafter purged violently and Goriel owes his life to the fact that his part in informing king Édas of the conspirator plan was never discovered. After the fall of of the king, Goriel became a central character of the covert resistance to illegitimate rule of king Doron.

The whereabouts of king Édas following the coup remained unknown. As the putschist did not produce the body, Goriel and other in the resistance suspected he was still alive. Goriel hypothesis was that he might have been smuggled out of glisson by ship in time and held in a human jail as punishment for the destruction of the colony. Afterall all, with hardly any survivor to tell the tale and since they were not privy to the inner politics of Érevorn, the humans were blaming the Eladrins for the destruction of Glisson.

Goriel waited for the dust to settle, bidding his time. When the scrutiny he was under diminished he used the opportunity to covertly sent Sariel, his pupil, in Albonie, officially to acquire some rare magical regeants on his behalf, but in reality to try to discover the fate of king Édas. During the short period she spent in human land, Sariel managed to find employement under the Baron Aldred, grand-son of the former Glisson governor. However, before she could find much information, agents of king Doron caught up to her and forced her to return to Érevorn.

Having disobeyed the orders to avoid contact with the outside world, Goriel was put on a tight leash. He was ostensibly given an assignment of coordinating the efforts to deal with ‘’a great disturbance’’ in the Feywild, but to everyone it very much looked like he was put on house arrest.

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